Harvesting Confluence

Day 085 Week 13 Q1 Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Friends, all of the different streams are flowing together right now. We covered why it is time to get started because the barriers to entry are the lowest they have been in history for people trying to do new things. We discussed how artificial intelligence is a tool kit that is too powerful to ignore and how creating a second brand for yourself can permit you to deal differently and more effectively with much larger amounts of information than we could without the supplemental help. It is time to put all three things together to Harvest Infinity.

This is a time of unprecedented possibilities, where the combination of new technology and low-cost tools has not just enabled but empowered us to act like never before. The democratization of technology, driven by economies of scale, has leveled the playing field, making it accessible to all. In other words, you don’t need wealth or privilege to make a difference. This is a time of unparalleled economic and social mobility, and it’s time to seize the opportunity.

This is all coming at an opportune time because of an individual amount of widespread discontent. There are very many people who are unhappy with the way things are. And with good reason. The middle class is shrinking, suicides are up, and large numbers of people are feeling disenfranchised due to the acceleration of change in the world. Many would like to roll back the clock to the past, even though this is an impossibility. And this impossibility makes them even more angry and disenfranchised. There is the possibility that enough disenfranchised people will give away enough of their power to lose their freedom entirely. The risks of not embracing this confluence are high, but the rewards are even higher. high, but the rewards are even higher.

Apparently, this has created a classic trade-off. Some people will take advantage of the unprecedented potential. They have to be leveraged and fly, and others will try to clip their wings and give away their power, and subordinate themselves to autocracy. It is a major confluence with potentially major outcomes. I know which side I am on. I am for the abundance and mobility of harvesting infinity, and I intend to do just that to an unprecedented degree. This comes from a person who has founded companies and invented new markets. Even entering my eighth decade, I see no reason to slow down because the stakes are higher, and the potential is greater than ever before in my lifetime.

If there was ever something you wanted to do, needed to do, and felt like you were born to do, now is the time to do it. It may not be possible to do it in the future. It is literally now or never.

The confluence that is occurring is not only a confluence of possibility; it is also a confluence of potential future limitations at precisely the same time. Doesn’t it seem incredible that we have both more potential and more danger at the same time? That is always the way things have been.