Harvesting Musical Infinity I

 Day 075 Week 11 Q1 Saturday, March 16, 2024

So let’s say you’re a musician and it’s 2024. And you know that playing in restaurants and bars pays about the same as it did 50 years ago. I am not kidding. I made $75 and 1975 for a gig and it’s still the same pay rate by and large.

Now, admittedly, this is the lowest tier of performing and I have made up to 40 $500 for a gig, but never in the thousands which I suspect means having to perform for large numbers of people, and I don’t even know if I want to do that or not. I also don’t know that I want to play repetitive set list or performances that are predetermined. So there is clearly a gap between low level, semi professional musician and professional musician in terms of finance.

But there are many places where music is needed in life besides bars and restaurants and other hundred dollar gigs. And this races the issue of why are you playing anyway? And I don’t mean just why am I personally Howard Richard Lieberman playing but why is anybody playing for some people? It is for the money and for some people they love to play but for me, I love to explore, which means I have to be involved in the creation in real time to express myself. At least I have been telling myself that for many years.

But it may not be true. It may be a sour grapes thing, but I do know one thing I have continued to play for my entire life and continue to continue for the rest of my life so the question remains play what and where and for who? I think I have to play what I play because that is what I want to play and I’m primarily playing for myself, and I am no longer willing to take gigs. I play things other than for myself, but that does not relate me to being a musician who only plays in his house.

I have found way to get my music into the world. Right now I publish a column every Monday and it is a place where I can put a piece of my music and I do. And I also have a TV show and this is another place where I can put my music. And then, of course, the blocking, which is mostly reservoir to draw from, but it could be more because I could create another playback system, which just had all of the music to be played.

It is time to talk about the harvesting Infiniti part of the equation. And I mean Harvesting Musical; Infinity.

The tools for creating music are phenomenal, and with a simple laptop or even tablet or perhaps even a phone you can create music that is kind of quality to be taken.Seriously. Taking seriously by who I am not sure, but certainly but yourself..