Helping Creative Outliers Innovate

Day 346 Week 51 Q4  Monday, December 12, 2022

Human beings are the resource SVIII is most concerned with. There is a population of individuals, who are unusually creative and imaginative, which we refer to as creative outliers. Some of these creative outliers learn to become innovators, the people with insights who apply them to create tomorrow.  

The path from the creative outlier to the innovator is neither simple nor easy because most individuals, institutions and managers see change as risky. Understandably, many people are risk-averse. It takes a special person to prevail over the reasonable fears accompanying change. Not everyone with great ideas knows how to start a company, ship a product, compose a piece of music, exhibit art in a gallery or convince anyone to follow them. Not knowing how to persevere and persuade others of a point of view does not invalidate the new ideas badly needed by society because many significant complex problems continue to face humanity. 

Unfortunately, decision-makers tasked with solving these problems may never see or hear many potentially excellent solutions because innovators and creators can be extremely inconvenient to deal with. What appears to be crystal clear to one person can be completely invisible to another. How to make the mostly invisible, increasingly visible, relevant and not too risky is a significant challenge. 

SVIII helps creative outliers become innovators who can turn vision into value, insight into income, and concepts into commercialization.