Hidden Power

Day 98 Week 14 Q2 Sunday, April 9, 2023

I am sure that all of you have used very many different apps by now.  At last count, I had over 300 on my computer and over 300 on my phone. They were not the same apps, but there’s a lot of overlap.  I am sure that all of you have used Word and probably Excel as well.  When word processors and spreadsheets first became available, knowing everything they could do was possible. Now, these two apps have become enormously powerful, so much so that it is hard to imagine any individual knowing all of the available commands and options.

I know that at least a dozen of these apps have more than 1000-page manuals.  This means even after putting in hundreds of hours using them. I am constantly surprised at the hidden capabilities buried within the depths of these applications, which have taken large teams to evolve.  Even my car can do things that I don’t know about.

Have you ever considered that if we own many things that have many capabilities beyond those we are aware of, perhaps, this is also true of us and of everyone we know? In today’s world, we have enormous potential in terms of learning. We do not even know what we can do. Have you ever thought about taking some period of time where you acquired no new skills and no new tools and instead took a look on your hard drive or in your brain and exercised some of the hidden power that undoubtedly exists? If applications have thousand-page manuals, how many pages would it take to describe what you could do?

For those of us who have been addicted to the steep initial learning curve involved in anything we do this new,  it could make sense to pursue some of the diminishing returns that come about by simply digging deeper.  Yes, it takes more time, and there’s less of a rush, but it also costs nothing except some focused attention. We all have more tools than we ever use. Whether it be a garage full of gardening tools, a basement full of woodworking tools, or a semiconductor disk drive full of content creation tools, we probably have more than we will ever use.

Likely, this is also true about our own internal resources as well. Could it possibly make sense to use what we already have?  As creative outliers, we are sometimes called gifted, but this is just another word to say we have more. We have more options, we have more ideas, and we have more ways to get ourselves in trouble.  We also had more ways to get ourselves out of trouble!  This all comes with the territory of being creative.

There is the tremendous hidden power within our tools, skills and potential.  Today is Easter Sunday, and springtime is coming.  It might be a perfect time to inventory some of our hidden power.  You don’t have to use it today, but it’s nice to remind yourself that it is available.