Hip Hop Infinity

Day 076 Week 12 Q1 Sunday, March 17, 2024

Hip-hop Infinity is about the infinite number of different beats and sounds that can be created to underlie some kind of rap or improv that flies over it. In my opinion, almost all presentations are better with music to break things up, change the flow, and increase the emotional relevancy with sonic delimiters. 

Many speeches are somewhat boring to me, at least, and I want to inject sound motion and connection into presentations. Are they still entertainment? Sure they are. Even if there is important information to deliver, I think it can be spruced up emotionally. 

Can you be serious and comedic at the same time? Of course. Can music be part of the tapestry? I think we all have to try to be emotionally relevant. Will this help me get gigs? I have no idea. 

And how will video and art contribute to the mix? It is a new day, a new life, and a new world. 

I love the fact that compelling imagery can come about and be integrated in so many ways, that there are infinite sonic seasonings to be combined, and that one can start with words, images or music and put something interesting and fun together.

Onward to the day.