Hypothesis Manifestation

Day 325 Week 47 Q4 Wednesday, November 22, 2023

So, all of us make projections and guesses about the future. And some of us who think that we are scientists might call that a hypothesis. In some ways, a hypothesis is just a fancy name for a wild-ass guess. But it is also the first step in the scientific method, where you propose a solution to a problem and then go out and try to validate it.

And in order to validate something, you have to do some sort of an experiment or make some sort of an observation. You have to do something you can’t just say oh, I have proven that, and it is now confirmed. You actually have to do the work of testing and retesting until you can prove it is true, but the very first time you get some evidence, some external evidence that your hypothesis might be correct, this initial manifestation is quite exciting. Forward tells you that you might be on the right path. It does not tell you that you are definitely on the right path. But it does tell you that you are not definitely off it either. And not being on the wrong path is a big deal in science.

We sometimes call this an existence theorem. If you manifest something so that it actually comes into being, it is like pinching yourself and making sure you are really there. For if you have not manifested something tangibly, then you can never be sure you are not just living in a fantasy dream world.

Therefore, hypothesis manifestation is actually a big deal. And often, it is a small step on the way to something much more significant. For, we do have to take our grand dreams and break them down into smaller milestones where there are inherent dependencies. In other words, there are things you have to get done before getting the big things done. And sometimes, the pile of small things is actually a big thing.

For example, if you might want to do something internationally, it might be a good idea to try to do it nationally first. And it might be a better idea to try to do it regionally before you do it nationally. And before you do it regionally, you have to just do it in one place in your house to be prepared to do it initially.

But the moment the first regional manifestation is scheduled and on a public calendar, not just your calendar, but a lot of peopleā€™s calendars, then you know the curtain is going to go up, and you will have to be ready by a date certain.

It is the first step on a much longer trip.  That external public commitment of others means there are now stakeholders involved, and it is not just your game anymore. Your hypothesis must now sound reasonable to others. Congratulations, you now have a hypothesis manifestation.