Indulging Gifts

Day 349 Week 50 Q4 Saturday, December 16, 2023

If a person has certain proclivities and is not always on the critical path to what they think they want to accomplish in order to become who they think they want to be, perhaps an examination is in order. Are those proclivities an indicator of a more appropriate direction? For example, what if something that you spent several hours a day on voluntarily for years and years was always regarded by you as a hobby, but our profession? But if you find yourself spending more hours on your hobby than on your profession, Does this mean that you were flaky, or does this mean that you need to do a profession that is more consistent with your proclivity hobbies?

What if your shadow self has been part of your profession for decades, and it is time to take it out of the shadows and put it in the full out of day? How can you tell? What if there is a chance of going professional with your hobby? What if the odds are against you because most people who try to do this can’t earn a living? And if you already pursued something else, academically, and professionally, which living and took the lower risk? Are you in a place where you can absorb more risk? Or are you simply in a place where you are tired of hiding under a rock and not doing the thing that you should be doing?

 It can be difficult, and it can require more courage to change directions. It can also be nonsensical to do this, depending on the context of your life. If, for example, you have many people depending upon you, then perhaps you cannot afford to take this chance. But what if you have nobody depending on you except yourself? Then perhaps you have to take this chance?

I suppose the very active asking of these questions is an indicator of precisely what needs to be done, and even though the hobby may have a portion of the activity that is neither innovative nor creative, you still have to perform the infrastructure requirements to support the new activity.

In other words, there are still business infrastructure logistical issues that need to be dealt with in any new direction if it is to be capable of generating revenue. These are not as much fun as the artistic, creative part of the endeavor, but they are required for all businesses. Yes, if you are about to become a professional at what was previously a hobby, that means that you are about to create a business. Businesses require records and details in order to operate professionally, which, after all, is the new goal.

So, like it or not, when you turn your hobby into a business in order to become professional, you have the same issues that you had in your other profession, except perhaps more so if you worked for somebody else and now find yourself working for yourself. Part of indulging your gifts is becoming increasingly professional at how you do it, and that means you are now creating a new business. Guess what? It is now time to be an entrepreneur once again.

I guess you discover that indulging your gifts still requires the same amount of professionalism as your prior profession, and that should provide a certain measure of comfort because you already know how to be a professional, so just apply it to a new field.

Indulge Your Gifts