Infinite Canvas

Day 332 Week 49 Q4  Monday, November 28, 2022

Have you noticed it is much easier to make diagrams on larger pieces of paper?

And that there are always more pieces of ideas you would like to include. Ah, perhaps you are not a visual thinker, and lists are the way you roll, or perhaps neither. In general, I would characterize myself as a sonic and verbal thinker, but sometimes noting can tame complexity for me better than a diagram, where I can do a mind dump and throw everything down on a page and then organize it later.

Of course, using a digital approach instead of a pencil and paper does have a few advantages.  Ostensibly, the size of the paper can be infinite or at least we are told this by people who describe the products but in fact who cares about how large the digital paper is when the window of the portion you can see is finite? And doing this on a phone? Please, that is a total waste of time, for the diagram can not hold enough images or notes or whatever to be of use. A tablet can be better than a phone, and a laptop can be better than a tablet depending on unscreen size, but nothing beats a large high-resolution screen for seeing more of your world at the same time.

Having migrated like many to a laptop life I sometimes forget the power of the large monitor in my case of a 27-inch iMac. Now we are talking as this is bigger than four sheets of 8.5 x 11 taped together, which you hardly ever do. And, of course, you can zoom in and out. In short, dealing with the gigantic amount of information modern life expects us to juggle can be an even better use for a large screen for many of us than for photographs and video and composition and science and spreadsheet work.

I am advocating just using an infinite canvas to organize or tame your life, or at least my life. When we were new to computers before the world became mobile this was obvious, and I guess I forgot just how powerful a large screen can be for sorting, refining, and ultimately organizing mind dumps.

And by the way, use the simplest app you can to do this. You do not need a major graphics program to make a diagram.  After all, the goal is to simplify, not to complexify. And it is so much more resizable, shareable, neatly modifiable and linkable than the analog world. Also, by the way, you can use diagrams as dashboards due to the ability to embed multiple types of information, such as sound, video, and image files, combined with your notes.

Well, I have gotten myself excited about doing this, so see you on the other side.