Infinities of Giftedness

Day 255 Week 37 Q3 Wednesday, September 13, 2023

So there is this situation. Some gifted entity is living somewhat sub-dimensionally. It happens. In fact, it almost always happens because infinity can be difficult to wrangle. In fact, infinity has to be difficult to wrangle until like everything else the entity learns how. Assume that all entities have unrealized potential and that some of it can emerge. Emergent Giftedness. Yes, that is a mouthful, but whether a person or an entire planet full of persons, every entity has the same problem. How to get more out of themselves, for they are infinite. Assuming a multiverse of possibilities and potentialities, how does one cut through the infinities to land on a path? The chief tool is called imagination. The only way to deal with infinity is with imagination. So take this entity, whatever size it is and ask it to get into a Time Machine and leap ahead a few years or some other suitable distance forward to a place and time where things are operating exceptionally well and what would that look like? Spell it out in words in enough detail to taste it and feel it. In short, imagine this new realm time and place.

This entity has appropriately sized up the nature and scope of its gifted neural diversity and in the case of this particular entity we will call YOU, there is a clearly imagined future multiverse rendered into existence. For the entity called YOU, there seems always to be a desire to aesthetically engineer situations and outcomes, which is not quite met but can be adequately met when relaxed and self-accepting. This individual knows from experience they are capable of delivering tremendous value in extremely short periods of time through some sort of innate ability to see within situations to a great depth of detail what forces are at play and how they interact. And this understanding can be performed almost instantaneously often with tremendous accuracy. And who needs this ability? Every entity does and to varying degrees has the ability to do this, some more and some less, but entities can be self-aware and discern what needs to be done. In this particular case, this specific entity has come to the conclusion that the best use of its time is to show up to situations and provide some clarity and insight to other entities for the specific purpose of helping them progress past some of their difficulties. To do this, take into account the neural diversity of the two entities engaging with each other for mutual benefit. The proverbial win-win scenario.

It may very well be that these do not apply to every individual of interest but also to every entity of interest because this is a profile of humanity that has emerged from individual human beings. The leaping into the fitter exercise, in this case, can be very simple. Come to understand what is needed, communicate it in an emotionally relevant form by making information perform.