Infinity Bass Case Study

Day 53 Week 8 Q1  Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Sometimes your expectations can be vastly exceeded. Here is an example from my musical path.  Trilian, an amazing piece of software by a company called Spectrasonics, allows me to play extremely authentic acoustic double bass lines from a piano-type midi keyboard controller. There are multiple reasons this qualifies for an infinity case study. Although I have professionally performed on piano and bass guitar for decades, I never felt it worthwhile to acquire, learn, house and transport an upright bass, even though they are powerful instruments. They are large, expensive, awkward, have no frets and are not flexible enough instruments for a solo gig. But they can really sound great, and guess what? There is an app for that. Actually, there are several. This one has been around for over a dozen years, which is quite long in the tooth for an app. It is also the most expensive both computationally and fiscally. But it still sounds and works better than all the rest. It also has free updates, the newest one occurring a few months ago, providing an automatic flow capture mode.

How many apps have you been able to use for fourteen years continuously? With virtually no real competition, although infrequently updated, and still having both old and new useful features, you have still not explored, despite having only gone from version 1.0 to version 1.6. In addition to bringing me from the world of play-by-ear rock bass player all of the ways to composing and scoring orchestral works, the instrument has an enormous library of different kinds of sounds transcending the traditional bass support role into lead melodic and sonically vast textures.

This single app has changed the size of my musical world, infinitely enlarging it to transcend stylistic genre silos. In case you need more of an explanation of how and why this is true, let me begin with the fact that although more people play guitars and keyboards, neither is present in as many styles of music. Everyone needs a bass player! From symphony orchestras to coffee shop duos and from rock bands to sixteen-piece jazz bands with every kind of in-between ensemble, there is always a bass, and why is this? Many reasons beginning with bass makes you dance or at least move. It defines the tonal center of the music, what key the piece is in, and also defines the rhythmic accents determining the music style. 

To have performed many times using a single app running on a laptop, continuing to blow minds without needing a station wagon to transport, more years of study to master, and automatic music composition capabilities without even having to pay for updates? This is a miracle deserving its own Infinity Case Study.