Infinity Ignored

Day 293 Week 42 Q4 Saturday, October 21, 2023

Sometimes, you have a lot of low-hanging fruit around you. There could be folders full of ideas, unanswered email opportunities, and crucial documents to read that you actually want to read. You could have new, untried, but already-acquired tools and invitations you have not responded to. But even in the face of all of these, have you ever chosen to embark upon some new exploration instead?

Don’t beat yourself up about it. As a curious person, the unknown can beckon seductively. If it is leaving your town, home, job, or primary relationship due to wanderlust, you may be very sorry. But hey, what is the harm in reading a different book than the one you already started? It’s just another victimless crime, right?

Some of the time, we do need to ignore infinity and other times, we need to pursue it. It may be difficult for typical people to understand these behaviors because creative outliers tend to have more options and more appetites as well. How do you balance them or, more preferably, integrate them?

Just because you live in the neighborhood where Infinity meets Main Street does not mean you should take all of the turns in front of and available to you. But you do notice them, right? I preserve parts of my day and parts of my week for exploration and not getting done that I already am involved in.

If I completely ignore new explorations for a few days, I eventually find myself staying up three hours later than I wanted to just to explore. It is saner to accept the fact that I want to explore a bit every day and leave time to do so instead of having to feel guilty when I stay up so late that I wreck the next day.

Could you find yourself escaping and exploring all of the time? Certainly. Can you also crack down so hard on yourself that your self-imposed blinders reduce your joy in life because you know you have to focus on things in front of you?

I have surrendered to reading more than one book at a time, listening to or writing more than one song at the same time, or launching a new initiative before the last one is completed. When I ignore infinity, I am much less happy, even if I am getting more done. I personally have given up on the idea of trying to optimize my schedule and now schedule three hours per day for what I call being human. This time may include having lunch with a friend, doing an errand, exploring a new album or book, or all of the above.

I no longer ignore infinity, but curiously, I do feel the need to bound it; otherwise, it takes over my entire life.

At least for me, I feel compelled every day to harvest a little bit of infinity, not to totally ignore it.