Infinity Relationships

Day 147 Week 22 Q2 Sunday, May 26, 2024

Harvesting Infinity is about more than immediate gains from our projects, initiatives, and dreams. It’s about considering the broader impacts of our actions beyond conventional ROI. It’s about emotional, planetary, and societal returns and the responsibility to consider these in our decision-making.

Emotional ROI, planetary ROI, and societal ROI address what has been called the triple bottom line: money, society, and the planet. We have planetary climate problems and large-scale social ills that need to be solved.

Whether you are seeking emotional, fiscal, societal, or planetary ROI, you cannot do it alone. You need relationships, specifically what I call Infinity relationships. These relationships will help you Harvest Infinity. As not everyone believes in harvesting infinity, you should be aware of who can support your nonlinear high-output dreams.

This is where the distributed support of creator flywheels comes in. These potential Infinity Relationships come together as a community.

Harvesting Infinity and Triple Bottom Line

Emotional ROI

Emotional ROI emphasizes the value of emotional well-being and fulfillment derived from our actions and relationships. It considers:

  • Personal Growth: Are we becoming better versions of ourselves?
  • Happiness and Satisfaction: Are our activities contributing to our overall happiness?
  • Mental Health: Are we maintaining a healthy state of mind?

Planetary ROI

Planetary ROI focuses on the environmental impact of our actions. It involves:

  • Sustainability: Are our actions preserving the environment for future generations?
  • Resource Management: Are we using resources efficiently and responsibly?
  • Climate Action: Are we contributing to efforts against climate change?

Societal ROI

Societal ROI looks at the broader social impact. It involves:

  • Community Building: Are we fostering strong, supportive communities?
  • Equity and Inclusion: Are we promoting fairness and equality?
  • Social Welfare: Are we improving the well-being of society?

Infinity Relationships

To achieve these diverse forms of ROI, we need robust relationships that transcend typical transactional interactions. These “Infinity Relationships” are:

  • Collaborative: Built on mutual support and shared goals.
  • Resilient: Able to withstand challenges and grow stronger over time.
  • Visionary: Focused on long-term, transformative impacts.

Distributed Support and Creator Flywheels

The concept of distributed support and creator flywheels refers to the collective power of a community working together to achieve extraordinary outcomes. This involves:

  • Shared Effort: Leveraging the strengths and talents of a diverse group.
  • Synergy: Creating a whole greater than the sum of its parts through collaboration.
  • Momentum: Building a self-sustaining cycle of support and innovation.


Harvesting Infinity involves looking beyond immediate financial returns to consider the emotional, planetary, and societal impacts of our actions. It requires building and nurturing Infinity Relationships that are collaborative, resilient, and visionary. By harnessing the power of distributed support and creator flywheels, we can collectively achieve high-impact, nonlinear outcomes that address the pressing issues of our time.