Innovation Concert Talks

Day 350 Week 51 Q4 Sunday, December 17, 2023

An innovation concert talk is a combination of a book talk and a concert about the topics of innovation, innovators, and innovation relationships. Innovation is at the core of our modern existence. It defines both our ability to adapt to difficulty and our ability to prevail through having an economic engine that can drive widespread wealth to fund all of our new initiatives. 

The place on the planet Earth that has had the most innovation in the last 50 years has been Silicon Valley and the Pacific Northwest. They are Home to the companies that have contributed the most value to our global economy. There are a handful of companies whose combined market capitalization is $10 trillion. This is greater than most of the countries in the world.

Although Innovation is of critical importance and has been manifested exceptionally well by this handful of enterprises, it is still largely misunderstood in the world. This is because the individuals who become innovators are not well understood either. They are not only misunderstood by society at large but also misunderstood by themselves because the prevailing set of inputs into their systems has been the status quo, which has no idea what to do with them.

For 50 years, I have been one of these most misunderstood innovators. Even though I had the good fortune to participate in an unusual number of highly unique innovation cultures, there were many others like myself. I have spent tens of thousands of hours with these individuals, innovating and sometimes creating billion-dollar markets.  And to this day, the majority of the people in my life are part of the population of creative outliers, where we innovators originate.

As the founder of the Silicon Valley International Innovation Institute, I have generated hundreds of blog postings about the nature of innovation, innovators, and Innovation relationships. I have given dozens of talks about these topics around the world.

Constantly swimming and sometimes treading water in this ocean of Innovation has kept me wet with ideas, projects, initiatives, processes, relationships, and both successes and failures. I genuinely know this territory, as it is the only place I have lived for my entire life, beginning as a child. And for me coincident with this, the Innovation Ocean has also been an ocean of music, including music technology, music performances, music, composition, and music studies.

This double helix of being a professional innovator and a professional musician have come together in these Innovation concert talks, where I take others on a trip through a musical innovation universe, making information perform by combining interleaved, musical performances, and Innovation book talks derived from the series of books, realized from the ever-growing pile of Innovation blog postings.

These Innovation concert talks are, in some way, glorified musical innovation “show and tell” with a great deal of information both about Music and the Innovation process, which is delineated using Music performances as delineators.