Innovation Expression

DD Day 042 Week 07 Q1 Monday, February 12, 2024

Innovation Expression is a unique response to the universe’s impact on an individual, driven by a compelling need to express oneself creatively. It differs from a simple reaction or response in that it requires more than just a spontaneous action—it necessitates adopted insight.

For instance, consider the scenario of someone caught in a sudden downpour. While using an umbrella or newspaper may offer immediate relief, these actions are not innovative, as they are common and widely adopted responses. However, if the individual were to come up with a novel solution, such as using a shrink-wrapped record as a makeshift shelter, it would demonstrate a degree of innovation, although it may not be widely adopted.

True innovation expression goes beyond immediate practicality and is often manifested through art or creative endeavors. For example, in response to a traumatic event, an individual may channel their emotions into writing a song, poem, story, or choreographing a dance. These forms of expression are deeply personal and serve as innovative outlets for processing and communicating feelings.

While innovation is often associated with invention or technological advancement, innovation expression encompasses a broader spectrum of creative outputs. It can be seen as the fusion of art and invention, where the act of creation itself becomes a form of innovation.

In essence, innovation expression is a manifestation of internal insights and emotions in response to external stimuli. It transcends mere reaction and offers a glimpse into the creative potential of the human spirit.

If you were a recording engineer or a musician, using tape recorders to record for the last 20 years and determined that there must be a way that you can plug a musical instrument directly into a computer and convert a sound wave into an electrical wave into a file and built the worlds first digital, audio, workstation, then that would be an Innovation. In fact, the digital audio workstation has pretty much replaced the tape recorder.  I called that adoption of a fantastic insight.

But I would not call that an innovation expression. I would call it an expression of Innovation, but reversing the order of words in a sentence does not necessarily preserve its meaning.  I was thinking more along the lines of something traumatic happening in your life, and you felt the need to express how you felt by writing a song, poem, or story. Or by choreographing and then dancing a dance. These are definitely examples of an innovation expression.