Innovation Leverage

Day 303 Week 44 Q4 Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Sometimes the rate of innovation accelerates more than is convenient even if it seems to be thrilling. Most of the time the rate of innovation is much lower than you want it to be, so too fast is not normally experienced. Even people with really god crystal balls and predictive capabilities usually do not get the time frame correctly. You can get a big order before you are able to deliver. Or other opportunities you simply do not have the resources to respond to. And yes time is a resource. And just throwing money and effort a problem does not solve it quickly enough for your desires.

This is where leverage comes in. Even if many of your inventions. Companies and projects took longer than expected; sometimes, with experience, you can tell that things are about to speed up more than you are ready for, and this is when a little bit of leverage can make a big difference. In startups where there are four people and ten jobs, everyone wears many hats, and somehow, you get through it and get a few more resources quickly.  

It is the initial jump from one to more that can be the hardest. There could be a tendency to look for someone to solve a particular problem. Usually that means a specialist, but that is precisely not what you want at all for leverage when you are about to be overwhelmed.

You want a nonlinear, wide-thinking, confident, and capable person with decent emotional intelligence, not narrow technical skills. You want people who are self-organizing generalists and chameleons who can change directions and deal with people because most innovation crises have nothing to do with technology. They have to do with distribution, representation, communication, or dare I say it – selling, marketing, and management. Words that many creative outliers think have nothing to do with them and are to be avoided at all costs. 

You might consider collecting people with these complementary skills in your life long before you need the help, and they have to be people that you really like spending time with because it is going to take all of the time and be unpredictable, and there will be plenty of risks and failures.

But when facing the unknown, which is what innovation often is, decisions need to be made with inadequate information and made quickly. This is where you need more creative outliers who get along well with those who have complementary skills.

This is real innovation leverage.