Innovation Pacing

Day 305 Week 44 Q4 Thursday, November 2, 2023

Innovation is a marathon, not a sprint. The creative act may sometimes feel like a sprint, but becoming sustainable is, by definition, a marathon. This means that sometimes you are slow, and sometimes you’re fast, but compared to what? Is this compared to the red that you think you should be going to? Or is it compared to some average rate that you are proceeding? As there are new units of innovation, it is hard to discuss Innovation per unit of time. But one thing is sure: you can burn out if you do not take the time to get rest and get calibrated to the tasks at hand, which, of course, are constantly changing.

 When we are driving a car, if we go too fast, we can’t get a speeding ticket or get into an accident. Alternatively, if we are going too slowly, those behind us will become patient and start to beat their horns, and it will take us much too long to get anywhere.  When you are driving down your innovation path, which can only be determined by you, then you are the only one who can determine the speed limit or the optimal rate of proceeding.

I called this Innovation pacing. In order to be efficient, you have to determine a smooth workflow, and that includes a rate of operating. But you cannot worry about efficiency until you have first become effective. And if you were constantly changing what you were doing, then you were always changing what it requires to be effective. Which means it is practically impossible to ever become efficient. There is too much change in your system to try to optimize it. Or can you?

Although it may be difficult, you have no choice. You do have to improve your flow if you are to become excellent at anything. I do not think that tedium will agree with you, so there is a speed and a rate that is most appropriate for you in particular.

This is your personal pace, and for me, as a younger person, I seem to have two speeds: fast or not at all. Of course, this can lead to many periods of not at all, delimited by periods of going too fast, what others would call speeding. It does not feel like speeding to you because it is the rate that you want to go, and if you are capable of sustaining that speed without an accident, that is the rate you should go.

I do not know what speed is good for you or anyone else, but I do know that you need to determine this because if you do not, it will be impossible to accurately determine or predict completion times. If you cannot determine completion times, you also cannot determine when you will get paid, and that also translates into not knowing when you will be able to pay the bills or get enough rest.

This is why Innovation piercing is critical to be sustainable.