Innovation Representation

Day 302 Week 44 Q4 Monday, October 30, 2023

 If you are an innovator, you have probably found out by now that it is helpful to have somebody else representing you in situations involving sales.  This may not be true for the ultimate closing of a deal, but it’s certainly true for the opening getting to know each other part of a deal.

What’s that you say you don’t do any deals? Oh, you mean don’t make any money? Whether you are selling services, your products, advice, or expertise. Whatever it is that you think we’re getting compensated for doing, breaking is better done by others about you than by you about yourself.

Third-party testimonials are significantly more credible than anything else. You may be the only one who can demonstrate some unique capabilities, and you may even be capable of causing a deal as well, but the setup of the situation is still better handled by others. This situation set up an initial outreach to those who do not know you is better done through a more objective third party, who is more neutral and less emotionally attached than you are.

Of course, it goes without saying that you have to find people who are telling the truth about you and not awfully exaggerating or inflating what you can do because then your customer will be disappointed at a minimum and perhaps angry and combative at the other end of the response spectrum.

It is true that some innovators are excellent at representing themselves and that even if they start poorly, they may improve over time. There is a reason why most musicians, artists, actors, and actresses have external representation.

There are also reasons why doctors should not treat themselves, and lawyers should not represent themselves.

All of us are emotional and not entirely rational. Third parties have more objectivity than we do, which makes it easier to deal with them for customers. These third parties reduced friction by smoothing things out. There are always some misunderstandings and miscommunications that need to be adjusted, and this takes a different skill than inventing. Indirect negotiation and diplomacy are not necessarily the strongest suits of the most creative, who may not always know where the people they’re attempting to communicate with priorities lie.

Others can make demands on your behalf that you simply cannot gracefully deliver. These external representatives may even be more aware of what your value in the market is than you are. And if they are not, then you have the wrong representative.

There is plenty of room for misrepresentation or dishonesty toward you as well. Therefore, you have to spend some energy understanding through representation and communicating with the representative to make sure that everything is on track for you to find the outcomes acceptable.

Get yourself a good representative and arm them with the appropriate information so they are able to represent you well.  Then get out of the way.