Inspiring Distraction

Day 166 Week 24 Q2 Friday, June 16, 2023

Creatives notice things. It is part of being creative. Creative outliers notice even more things than normal. This means we can get easily distracted unless we are vigilant. What does this translate to? It means you know you are going to be distracted or at least have the tendency to be focused on your distractions. Yes sounds oxymoronic and possibly not reasonable.

Hey, that is probably how many creatives sound to less adventurous people. But stay with me. If you are going to be distracted, make it count. Get inspired. There are enough difficulties when you are an outlier. If you are going to be deviant, don’t be apologetic; use it to be inspired. That is to say, make it count. So, choose your distractions. After all, there are certain to be more than one, and some are much more useful than others. Choose inspiring distractions and, if possible, even choose when to be distracted.

Say, you are doing something tedious that does not require the majority of your attention, keep a few distractions handy and available to deploy to inspire you enough to get through the tedium. There is much one can do without requiring your hands and eyes. You can still listen to infinite sources—music, lectures, books, newscasts, podcasts and lessons. In fact, much of YouTube is valuable without seeing the visual component or occasionally checking in.

You can modulate your mood and energy level using distractions to wake you up or keep you on track consciously. Sound has an enormous impact on many of us. But you may be more inspired by a walk in nature or sitting until the sun sets. Say, there is something you have to figure out weighing upon your mind. Can you use inspiring distractions to free yourself up? To reduce stress by changing where your focus is directed? Can you deliberately distract yourself? 

Conscious distraction can be far more beneficial than unconscious distraction. Choose distractions that are inspiring.

Apply some of your creativity to distraction. Make it art. Make it useful. Use it therapeutically. Heal yourself with inspiring distractions. But be careful, as substance abuse is itself a distraction, as is overeating or arguing. There are plenty of distractions that, instead of being inspiring, create more problems than the ones you are escaping from.

Can you create compound interest distraction?  Overeating or any kind of overindulging certainly is compounded through habituation. Conversely, so is meditating or unusual amounts of attention focus. You know you will notice a lot, as you already have been for years. Have some distraction bombs ready to deploy when you anticipate difficulties or stressful situations emerging.

Save and store them. These inspiring distractions can be lifesavers.