Integral Integrity 

Day 266 Week 38 Q3 Sunday, September 24, 2023

Today, I am considering a simultaneous combination of these. Here are a couple of definitions. 

Integral – necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental.

Integrity –  the state or condition of being whole, undivided, unified, unimpaired and sound.

A quick condensation: Integral Integrity must be whole, unified and sound.

In comparison to being balanced, which seems to me to imply the act of balancing most likely comes from a state of not being balanced. Would it not be better to have integral integrity than constantly balancing? Is this even possible? It certainly is desirable. Think of how much time and heartache could be saved by not getting unbalanced.

A question arises: how does emotion fit into this picture? None of us can pretend to be entirely logical and rational, and it is not desirable to eliminate feelings. But are feelings the source of the unbalance or imbalance? Or are the sources external to us, and our responses are the culprit?

First, from the perspective of a creative outlier addressing other creative outliers, we tend to traffic in feelings primarily. Even if we are designing a building, a circuit, an app or a website, they all must have some sort of user experience, partly determined by some user interface. 

Who would want it even if we could have a perfectly nutritious life without taste? We want our food and the rest of our experiences to taste and feel good. This must folded into our integral integrity. This sounds desirable but daunting. It does not have to be difficult as long as you know what being whole and with integrity means, specifically because, thank goodness, one size does not fit all. Clarity may be hard to come by because it tends to be time-varying. 

Apart from the obstacles that emerge in any real project or even a thought experiment like this one, is the goal of integral integrity even reasonable? Or is it too abstract to be actionable? Have you ever met someone with excellent integrity fully integrated into their being and how they conducted themselves? Or even seemed that way some of the time? 

I can not recall, perhaps because I was never looking for it, but now that the idea occurs, I will keep my eyes open. I have never seen most of the things I have worked on, which is part of the draw to work on them, so having noticed them is very unlikely. Why should this be any different? I do have one existence theorem, which, depending on where you’re coming from, is either astronomical or cosmological, and that is the autumnal equinox we just entered.

I can not recall observing the seasons getting unbalanced and then trying to rebalance themselves in the way people do. Come to think of it I have not seen plants or animals do it either. Perhaps we can be more natural and less psychological. Time to find out.