Integrated PPF

Day 289 Week 42 Q4 Tuesday, October 17, 2023

If you are a water person, there is a single important piece of gear you tend to acquire to deal with large amounts of liquid flux. It used to be called a life preserver. They show up everywhere, from canoe trips, power boats, sailboats, ocean cruises, and even airplanes, but are now renamed personal floatation devices or PFDs. Since acronyms took over the world, everything got simpler, right? Well, that was the plan anyway.

Many of us now live in flux, in seas of change ranging from puddle-like to oceanic depending upon our circumstances, which also change externally and internally with stages of life and psyche. I have found it helpful to have something simple like a life preserver for chaotic times. I call it a PPF, not a PFD and this stands for trying to integrate (better than balance) my Psychological, Physical, and Fiscal well-being.

Seriously, there is change all around all of the time, but I find if I have integrated these three types of well-being, it does not matter much what the size of the waves are. The reason I say integrate instead of balance is because balancing requires continuous effort, but being integrated is a state one can reach, and it takes less effort to stay integrated than to be constantly rebalancing, especially for creative outliers who tend to rock the boat. 

Here is how it works to make it much simpler as a creative outlier and involuntary with the historical tendency to complexify more than to simplify. You are going to have a hard time being fiscally balanced when you are in poor physical shape, and you are also going to have a hard time being in decent physical shape if you are not in a state of psychological well-being.

Therefore, the simple equation is to get your head in the right place so you can actually do something physical to work out and not have to overeat for psychological reasons. If your psyche and body are doing okay, it is a lot easier to perform activities that have good fiscal consequences.

This may sound simple and obvious, but it has taken me a long time to learn that sustainable well-being requires that PPF order psyche, physical, and fiscal. If these can be integrated instead of getting unbalanced and then requiring rebalancing, this saves a lot of heartache, time, and effort. 

Integration is integral to integrity, which makes it a lot easier to enjoy being creative. Become PPF!

Does this seem relevant to your current or prior circumstances? Can you imagine a state where you can be more creative, supported by this stable underpinning?