Integrated Systems

Day 260 Week 38 Q3 Monday, September 18, 2023

All of us use a a rather large pile of tools to get things done. Some of us have a ridiculously large pile of tools and a constantly changing workflow. In fact we can spend large hunks of our lives playing with tools and trying to evolve ever better work sows based upon new capabilities. It is a seductive brew for technically minded non-risk-averse folks like me.

Sometimes tools you had had for a long time seem to rise to an occasion in ways that permit you to integrate large potions of your workflow. Perhaps this is due to the fact that these tools themselves have been evolving for years? Or that you have been evolving for years? Or that the particular task you are biting off has a much greater need or this capability.

Or perhaps it is a combination of all of the above reasons which yield right now an integrated system where the strengths and deficiencies of all of the parts including you come into a balanced and integrated work flow. It does not matter how or why you got to this place. Simply appreciate that you now have a well integrated system and before you try to change it in name of improvement or try just one more experiment to allow you to escape converging upon a tangible result, just use it.

Just use this integrated system and appreciate all of the time that went into making all of this happen a good measure of which was your time as well as all of the others who designed, manifested and distributed  to you what you needed. I would imagine there are thousands of hours of effort the have gone into the current integrated system, I just got a glimmer of yesterday. Therefore it is time to give thanks to the system integration gods who played a role including the large pile of publications and websites created by others and consumed, digested and sorted out by me.

Yes you are a large part of the integrated system you use for your workflow. The piles of hundreds of magazines and terabytes of files you have done something with are part of the fabric  of this integration. And yes it will continue to change seemingly of its accord as when I fired up the pile various apps yesterday getting the message that three of them and their helper apps either needed to be, or could be, or should be updated. Fortunately these particular apps were so well designed and implanted that even the updating process was smooth and rapid.

So, ready or not we are in a perpetual update world, and everything including ourselves have become moving targets. Well, I guess none of us are ever going to bored. But I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the perhaps only momentary system integration convergence I am experiencing right now.