Intention Execution

Day 141 Week 21 Q2 Monday, May 20, 2024

We all construct a warehouse full of intentions. We all have more dreams and wishes than there’s time to execute. However, although everyone has the same amount of time, not everyone has the same number of ideas. This means if you are a creative outlier, you have to exercise greater vigilance in being a force of convergence to begin to manifest your ideas. How do you do this? Can you stop detailed, planning, wishing, escaping, and tangential uses of your energy and focus on what can have the most significant impact right now? And not just those with the most significant impact on the present, but also the greatest impact on the future. If some of your ideas have a lot more power to change your life than others do, then take them on as you are able. For example, if there’s something that you can do today that will really make you feel good today but not make you feel good tomorrow or next week, or next month, then perhaps you should take a look at something that will have a more significant impact in the long term. On the other hand, if you are too focused on the long-term and not enough on the present, this also represents a sub-optimal approach to life.

Say you have 10 projects that you would like to be working on. There are probably three that are more important than the other ones. Do you know which ones they are? Have you taken the time to prioritize? Are you part of a larger context where the delivery and execution of these dreams impact others?

Also, who are you trying to please? The universe, your long-dead parents? People you have never even met? People you hope to meet but have not met yet? How about your spouse? How about your kids? Do you even have a spouse, kids, or some sort of partner?

Well, today is the day to activate your intentions. I know you can’t activate all of them at the same time. You may only be able to activate one today. But it may ripple through and affect other ones. In my case, once I have filled all of the possible work, surfaces, and areas with partial projects, it becomes time to completely clean up all the way to a clean slate, where I can move forward quickly because of no longer have to navigate between piles of unfinished projects.

Are your primary workspaces ready to get things done, or is there enough clutter to be slowing you down? Do you have a place to put that clutter? Or do you have to create a place to reduce the clutter so your workspace once again becomes workable? This is where I find myself this morning. Time to create a space for storage to clear most of the partially completed projects out of the way, except for a few that you need to be able to complete soon relatively straightforwardly.

Therefore, the day becomes very simple. Create the space to relocate the clutter. In my case, this means rearranging the basement to be more efficient. You had to take advantage of all of those new shelves that you bought and have not yet filled because they were first. Need to be relocated to where they should ultimately be. That’s the project for the day: complete the gym, go home, clear the space, relocate the shelves, and then start the excavation of all of the workspaces. And just do it until it is done without getting distracted in other directions. OK, time to do it.