Joy of Being Calibrated

Day 17 Week 3 Q1 Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Having some sort of morning practice to get you into whatever state you feel the need to be in to start the day is a very powerful tool. Pilots and surgeons have checklists. Monks and many others have morning meditations. Athletes and dancers have rigorous morning workouts. Whatever you have to do to get in whatever zone you need to get into is surprisingly impactful on your productivity and output. First of all habitation of any behavior you deem to be important for you to be voting for the you, that you want to be, dramatically increases the chances you will manifest this as a full-fledged not just wishful reality. 

Yes, it is much easier to work out if you are in the habit of working out and easy to fall off the practice when you go on a vacation or have an injury.  Habitation of desired behaviors to automate them does reduce the overhead associated with them, and perhaps this is obvious but whatever it is that you do to get ready for the day has another terrific benefit.

Once you have identified the you, that you want to manifest, or who you want to be, only then you can derive what you have to do, because it is the consistency of your behavior and your identity that gives the transcending of yourself we sometimes call flow. Flow is a joyous state. You are well-matched to what you are doing when you are in this state, which is what makes it so seemingly effortless. 

When you are being the best you that you imagine, it feels really good. And if you regard your morning practice as a way to get centered or into flow, it is also a way to feel joyous. The runner’s high is a well-known phenomenon but it is only a single manifestation of a much broader underlying concept. If you know who you are and who you want to be, and they are not too far apart, and you have a set of automated behaviors, also called habits, that reinforce this desirable you, every single day you follow your habits, you are voting for the you, that you want to be, and getting positive feedback for it.

To my lapsed engineering mind, it would be crazy to attempt to make a measurement with an uncalibrated piece of equipment. It is just as crazy to attempt to be the best you without being calibrated. And just as you have to calibrate before the measurement and go through the checklist before flying an airplane, this has to come before the stuff that counts the most. In general, it has to come in the morning when you first get up and the day, and you are fresh and new.

But these calibrating acts do not just get you prepared to be safe and to be productive; they also get you to joy. It simply feels very good to be ready. And this site of readiness is a very positive measurable state. 

I call it the joy of being calibrated, or at least that is what I am calling it this morning.