Knowledge-Free Zone

Day 55 Week 8 Q1  Friday, February 24, 2023

Where does creation begin? Is it discovery or creation? Is it conscious, rational, or intuitive? Well, is it for its own sake or to save some problem? Is it a bridge or support? Or is it simply o pleasing pattern? Well, I guess it depends on whether we speak of art, engineering or business.  Business exists to make money, engineering exists to solve problems, and art simply exists. It does not need a reason. In fact, this is the difference between art and craft. Craft solves a problem like engineering. It has to do something. Invention is also like this. In order to be granted a patent, which is a temporary monopoly on the manifestation of an idea, among other things, the invention has to have utility. It also has to be novel and unobvious. 

Art has no such requirements unless we speak of commercial art versus fine art. Commercial art is more like engineering or craft; it solves a problem. There is considerable overlap between these, but commercial art, engineering and business do not generally originate in a knowledge-free zone. Pure or fine art, though, is generally not as constrained to be useful or to do anything at all. This is not a value judgment, for many, if not most, creative people would not dream of doing anything that was not useful. There is a very good reason for this. It is hard to get paid for doing something that is not useful.

Many people do not even own anything at all that is not useful. Again this is not a value judgment but simple economics for often pragmatic fiscal, not aesthetic, priorities dominate. But then there is the notion of entertainment which is more than a luxury. It, too, provides value in terms of experiential meaning. Is entertainment art? It certainly can be. Anything we do at the highest level can be conferred artful, including business and engineering but they do not generally occur in a knowledge-free zone.

Most of us live lives dominated by the practical. We are pragmatists. But occasionally, we do things just for the sake of doing them. Composing music can be one of the things. Sure a piece can be commissioned or developed to complete an assignment or for entry into a competition but sometimes if you are musical, music just comes out of you. Where does it come from? Did you invent it, find it, diver it, or hear it in the wind? I have no idea for to me it does not matter. What matters is how to capture it if possible, for often it is not. I know that the things I create from a knowledge-free zone seem better than those derived from my conscious mind. The most creative acts for me occur somewhere between unconscious and conscious and, as such, are most certainly pre-rational and knowledge-free. 

Transcendence is knowledge-free.