Leveraged Clarity

Day 315 Week 44 Q4 Sunday, November 12, 2023

If you do not have clarity, it is hard to get leverage. When we create new directions, projects, works, and enterprises, if you are lucky, thoughtful, and considerate, there may be people who show up to help you. This is an excellent sign because if no one is interested, It is likely that either you or the project have defects significant enough to need improvement. Most dreams start with issues, so this is not a problem unless you ignore the signs that something is amiss.

Assuming you are on the other side of this chasm, which could have been tiny or huge. Congratulations, you have some potential stakeholders. This is very important because if you have no one other than you who is interested, it could be because you are significantly ahead of your time, or more likely, you have not yet been able to communicate who besides yourself will benefit. Now, you have to determine if it is a communication issue or if there truly is no one else who will benefit.

Let us assume you intend to benefit others and have adequately communicated this. The next step is you would like to help other people to help you by being clear instead of ambiguous. Now, you may not know what to do, and then it is reasonable to ask for help. In fact, even if you do know what to do, it is still worth asking for help because people who show up to help, in general, do have some idea why.

Somewhere along the line, you will need to express with some clarity the desired next steps. No doubt there are always dependencies. These result in some order to address things as you can not do everything at the same time, and some things can not be done without having completed prior steps. 

For example, it is not a great idea to start selling something if you do not know what it costs you to get it or make it. Or to invite if you do not know what you are inviting people to. This is where chess is like life; being able to see a move or two ahead gives you a tremendous advantage. Try to put yourself in other’s places and anticipate what they might need or feel, and if you can not, please ask them.

As in chess, it is not possible to see too many moves ahead. So, you do have to be flexible, but flexibility is not precisely the same as confusion, even if they might look similar at times.  The probability of success is directly proportional to clarity, which is usually improved by experience when possible.

Those with the most clarity born of experience are likely to be the most leveraged and have the most excellent chance of success.  This is leveraged clarity.