Living in Your Own World

Day 341 Week 49 Q4 Friday, December 8, 2023

Creative outliers have the ability and the tendency to create and then live in their own world. This is essentially what computer programming used to be. You wrote a program to do what you want to do, and then you spent your time in that program. Many of these people did not know how to deal with the human race very well but were much better at dealing with their computers. They were called at the time derisively nerds. But the nerds did have their revenge and are now some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world.

To some extent, everyone lives in their own world and has to out of self-defense because the larger world is difficult to live in. Artists hang out with artists. Engineers like to spend time with engineers. Business people like to spend time with business people. We all have to pass the sniff test many times in our lives to be part of the group. There is some sort of a Darwinian advantage to spending time with your own. It is safer to be in a group of people like you because you understand each other and you have similar priorities, concerns, and responses.

However, it is also dangerous to live in your own mind, in your own world, because the outside world powerfully and dramatically affects you. And has to be dealt with. Creative outliers have more ability to live in their own world because they have more ability to create their own world. So we have to be on guard from overdoing it because it can be very comfortable, but it is also not reality. On the other hand, the external world does not seem very real much of the time as well because we are deluged with manipulative messages primarily trying to get us to buy things and spend our money in a particular way.

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, as a creative outlier, the purpose of business is not to change the world. It is to find people who have some money and get some of it. I was horrified when I discovered this because I had thought the reason to be the founder of the company was to make significant changes in a positive way for everyone. I was saddened to discover that if a company does not find people who have money and get some of it, it does not survive. There’s a reason why people say cash is king.

Those who have more money have more influence, and therefore, I have a greater chance of having a successful life. It is really that simple. If you live in your own mind and pay no attention to generating revenue, you will not have a sustainable life. This may be fined if you have a patron, but if you don’t well, then you have to stop living in your own mind all the time. And come out to smell the roses and make some money.