Management Momentum

Sometimes, things happen to move you off your game. You can get sick. An unanticipated crisis can occur. An unexpected opportunity can present itself. And poof, there goes your well-crafted lon-terem-evolved daily routine. And sometimes, all of these can happen at the same time. In fact, they usually do happen at the same time.

If you have been successfully automatically behaving in manners that are consistent with your desired identity and finally become in support of the larger goals, this can be distressing as it breaks your forward momentum and may ruin your schedule and even budget.

But wait a minute you have been here before, most likely lots of times if you are a creative outlier. Early on, you may have used this as an excuse to reinvent your morning routines, and perhaps this is called for now, once again. But this is unlikely. If you have taken the time to evolve a strong set of bundled habit loops into a productive routine that seemed to be working ok for a while, resist the temptation to reinvent and reinterpret both of which will reduce your momentum.

Just because you can create at the drop of a hat does not mean that you should. If you have taken the time to create something that works, then get back into your routine and evolve it from the place where you are already being productive and having forward momentum.

Unfortunately, self-management rarely benefits from creativity as much as the creative performing and fine arts. Now, one could say that your management style and process with respect to others needs to be flexible and creative, but people who are already moving in the way you want them to move would rather have consistency than changing things up just because you can, It is disrespectful. I have been guilty of this in the past, and the people who worked for me let me know in no uncertain terms that I should have fewer ideas. Or at least clarify if these were just things to think about or actually represented a change in direction.

When improvising, just because you can instantly deploy a blizzard of notes does not mean that anyone needs them. You could easily destroy emotional momentum. You have to remember that it is hard to build momentum and takes time and change for its own sake, even if it seems to be a go-to coping mechanism. It is not welcome.

Value your momentum, especially if it seems to be working. One of the more important responsibilities of management is to preserve momentum and not always create a new project or direction, as there can be a huge opportunity cost to change gears too often. Maybe pretend you are driving with an automatic transmission, not a stick? You may think your life should be driven like a sports car, and sometimes it should, but not all of the time.