Manifesting Exponential Convergence

Day 190 Week 28 Q3 Monday, July 8, 2024

This phrase, manifesting exponential convergence, is meant to explain harvesting infinity. The first thing we notice is that the word exponential seems a lot closer to infinity than linear, which is the way most of the world thinks things operate—except for, of course, Wall Street’s hysteria at bidding up stock prices to absurdly high valuations, which can rarely be justified by fiscal performance. 

The word exponential appeals to technical people who have all had some amount of mathematics. We talk about X raised to the power of four, and there is an exponential. Notice the word power accompanies the word exponent, and yes, this is quite true, especially in comparison to linearity.

Now, take the word manifesting. This word appeals to human-resource people who probably majored in Liberal arts. It is related to abundance and the spirit. The combination of exponential and manifesting is sure to please—a combination of technical and non-technical people. The word convergence is where it all comes together for a chief executive officer. Without convergence, nothing is harvested, and all you are left with are ideas and words, not physical manifestations of them.

The word convergence may be less appealing to Liberal arts people, who are probably more qualitative than quantitative. They might tend to desire exponential results, and that is going to require convergence. So you see, this phrase, manifesting exponential convergence, should bring together the finance people, the technical people, the marketing and human resource people, and finally, the person in charge.

This is what it takes to Harvest Infinity, which is what all innovators do and what most creative outliers would like to do. This is why harvesting infinity needs to be explained more deeply, and the phrase manifesting exponential convergence does exactly that.

Composers most certainly harvest infinity. So do innovators. Anyone who is a change agent is working on this, including poets, actors, engineers, inventors, and start-up entrepreneurs.

If a person is capable of harvesting infinity, they are literally unbounded. That makes them a good person to have around when you are stuck. It also makes them a bad person to have around. When do you think you know what you were doing. Because they are likely to question the tried and true and want to explore the new and different.

But if everyone involved can agree that manifesting exponential convergence is a good idea to harvest infinity, then you should have a change-agent-innovator around. 

They may be ornery, hard to find, and rock the boat, but you did want to rock-the-boat. Oh, you didn’t? That the change with the easy and smooth and fast? Then, you are never going to harvest infinity nor manifest exponential convergence. As an involuntary professional innovator and change agent, I have sometimes been called a shit disturber. If you do not want your shit to be disturbed, then do not call me, because I am in the business of harvesting infinity.