Manifesting Meaning

Day 268 Week 39 Q3 Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Are actions consistent with intended identities meaningful? When engaged in these behaviors, is a person voting for their dreams?  Is the cultivation of habits likely to transform who you are into who you desire to be? All these actions have meaning, and the state you are in when performing them is a MeaningPlace. 

If people can bring their MeaningPlace wherever they are, they can always have meaning. They can manifest meaning at will. As one size does not fit all, one act or behavior does not create meaning for all.

We each must determine what produces meaning for us and what or where our personal MeaningPlace is. Each of us will have different answers to this question at different times.

If you know who you want to be and can be proactive about getting there, you are voting for the future version of you every time you do this. Getting there might take some time, but it is well worth it.

As creative outliers can be complex, more than one type of behavior can manifest meaning or MeaningPlace. Talent does not tend to be stored in a single silo. Individuals with great creativity often have more than one way to express it and, hence, more than one way to obtain meaning.

When meaning creation is based upon using specific technologies that are no longer available, what do you do? For example, what if you are a pianist who does not have a piano or a parent who no longer has children? Or an executive who no longer has anyone to manage?

People do determine new ways to gain meaning throughout their lives. The universe is so dimensionally vast that we all are constantly dynamically adapting to it.  Meaning and MeaningPlace are part of this adaptation. We are all works in progress. To live in reality, everything we do is an adjustment to circumstances. 

If you are a creative outlier, creativity is a normal, natural response to what impinges upon you. Not responding and not adapting is unnatural. If there is a flood, people and other animals learn to swim. If something makes you feel deeply, you may write about it.

The very act of creatively responding is empowering; once you have responded many times, it becomes part of your identity. And it creates meaning in your life.

I encourage you to create a MeaningPlace in your schedule, in your home and in your habits and routines. No one can take meaning away from you when you create your meaning and do it regularly.