Manifesting MeaningPlace

Day 275 Week 40 Q4 Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Where does MeaningPlace come from? From within or from outside? How long does it take? Do you need it? What do you do about it? Can you preserve it? Time to zoom out.

Who cares where or how? The real question is do you have meaning or not? And is there a place that you are more likely to get it than not? The people who have meaning in their life have much better lives than those who do not. It could come from relationships or a place that has special meaning for you. It can come about by accident or design. It can be harmless, beneficial, or dangerous. It can be free or costly. MeaningPlace is a highly subjective and individual concept. What is meaningful to me could horrify you? Have you ever cooked something you was great that others hated.  I told a guitarist friend I liked playing electric guitars unplugged early I the morning to not wake anyone up and was looked at like, how could anyone do that?

What is important is the ability to routinely experience meaning by having some circumstances which support this. It is also a good idea that your MeaningPlace is not harming others but perhaps benefitting them. I have no idea what others need to do to generate meaning in their lives and do not have to either but am very comforted by the fact that I have multiple MeaningPlaces in my life. I have renamed my living room Studio M because it has a Mason Hamlin Piano in it and my office Studio G because there are guitars in there. These are two MeaningPlaces for me. People say what you have two music studios in your house? These places give me meaning and so what if I no longer have an office or a livingroom.

It is not the naming of place that makes it a MeaningPlace it is how you feel when you are there and often that is a function of what you do there. Some people go to the same bar or coffee house often to meet up with friends. I call this a meeting place. And others like to shop in the same store. I call this a marketplace but I think we all deserve to also have MeaningPlaces  which are places we can go that support our identity and our activities that provide us with meaning. 

My best MeaningPlace is inside my head.  Convenient because I am never without it. There are creative acts which provide meaning for me especially in two specific chairs I sit in, located in places that bring about better conditions to write or compose all the way into a flow state. One in Studio G I have had for 33 years and the other in Studio M for 10 and both are significant MeaningPlaces for me because they are where my mental psycho-spiritual creative processes converge most easily.