Mastery is Goalless

JJ Day 003 Week 01 Q1 Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Back to the beginning of the year activity of goal-setting that most engage in. As mentioned before, most goals are not achieved. On the other hand, mastery is also not usually achieved. But being on the path toward Mastery is much more useful than being on the path toward a goal.  In one case, you expect to get there and do not, and in the other case, you do not expect to get there but might.

Setting goals is a bottom-line-oriented way of dealing with the world. Pursuing Mastery is a top-line way of dealing with the world, as it requires transformation into a new state. The same cannot be said for having a goal and achieving it because even the act of achieving a goal does not necessarily transform you.

What is needed in life is transformation, not accumulating more goals. I know Society believes that Mort is better all of the time. More money, more stuff, more friends on social media, but I’m here to tell you that more is not better. In fact, less is better. Mastery is not about more, it is about better.

Knowing how to do a few things extremely well is more helpful than knowing how to do a very very large number of them poorly. Of course, there is the trade-off that the assumption is usually that specialization is the way to go. But have you noticed that all specialists work for generalists?

There is definitely a gigantic trade-off between how many things you can do and how many things you can do well. And this is a highly individual set of decisions to come down on the trade-off for you. Do you want to know more about less or less about more?

By the way, if you have more, it needs to be taken care of, and that consumes a lot of time, energy, and, yes, money. The real question do you want more freedom, or do you want more stuff? For me, I want more freedom. There are different strokes for different folks.

As more and more people around the world give up their personal freedom to autocrats because they are frightened that they do not know what to do, the consequences may be very grim, indeed, for humanity.

There is no simple answer for how much to focus on and how much to generalize, and it depends on context. It depends on where you live, what field you work in, your proclivities, talent, looks, opportunity, and your relationship with the universe.

If you do not have an adequate relationship with the universe, which only you can determine, you are not likely to find the answer through goalsetting, as opposed to getting on a path moving toward Mastery.