Mastery Matching

Day 126 Week 19 Q2 Sunday, May 5, 2024

Mastery is not something that you ever achieve. It is something you can pursue for your entire life. In fact, if you assume that you have achieved mastery, then you most definitely have not. On the other hand, you could be working on something for your entire life to increase your level of mastery, never getting to the final point of being able to say I am a master.

There is not a lot of point in being on a path to mastery if you don’t care deeply about what you are doing. The amount of energy you can deliver to something just using discipline and focus, but not love and soul and appropriateness in terms of being matched to who you really are in the universe, is insignificant in comparison to one person on a path. That is the one they were born to travel. This is what matching is about. I had a particularly exceptional boss 40 years ago who told me that I needed to match myself to the universe because there wouldn’t be anybody else who could match me to it. Perhaps he said this to everybody. Maybe it is valid for everybody, but I have nevertheless spent the last 40+ years attempting to do just that. And finally, decades later, it seems to be moving in the right direction. That is to say, I am on a path toward mastery, which is consistent with who I think I am.

Are we who we think we are? It is hard to tell. But just the very act of thinking that we know perhaps who we should be helps us understand what we might be doing, what behaviors we should be focusing on, and what path toward mast might be appropriate. Now, in my eighth decade, there are many things I have done, some of which people have considered to be at a level of proficiency that matters. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that any of them were at a level of mastery, though. But I have invested a lot of time in a few directions and made some progress.

Right now, though, I do feel for perhaps the first time that I am on the right path, and I am doing the right things, and the right behaviors absorb me, and I am being supported by the universe in this belief because the others around me also seem to think this makes sense for me and many of them have known me for decades. In fact, it just might be the case that the things I’m doing right now would be worth pursuing a higher level of mastery. I am choosing to call this mastery matching. Or, as my speech recognition program wants to call it, mystery matching.

This is probably a better title anyway because although the mystery is less likely, it is all around us all the time.