MB Melody BassĀ 

Day 256 Week 37 Q3 Thursday, September 14, 2023

Did you ever get an abnormal amount of joy from something simple and inexpensive? And were you ever taken aback by why? This morning I am reporting back on the ongoing saga of accumulating musical instruments, which I perform on, compose with, sometimes, modify, and find to be a therapeutic pursuit.

I guess some people accumulate cars or shoes or jewelry, but not me, I love collecting creation tools. I love accumulating the wherewithal to create, and most of the time the thing I want to create is music. Toward this end, I purchased a musical instrument for somebody else who had it on his bucket list to learn how to play country western bass.

My friend never ended up using this instrument, and it came back into my hands. I did not do anything with it for more than a year, because in order to make it useful to me, I would have to modify it, which is often the case. But it turned out to be surprisingly easy to do this, and it turned out that I had accumulated whatever I needed to make it work for me musically months before I got around to taking the plunge.

Now, I am a person who owns a fairly valuable collection of musical instruments, all of which I play at different points in time, but I am amazed that the lowest-cost instrument in my collection at the moment, gives me more joy than any other instrument, and I found this to be quite amazing.

There is an instrument in the orchestra called the bass. It is sometimes called the upright bass or the string bass. And then there is the instrument in a rock band, jazz band or country band, which is also called the bass. These are not the same instrument. Technically one of them is called the bass guitar. And this is not the one that is in the orchestra. The two instruments are tuned identically and usually have four strings from low to high being tuned to an E, A, D and G.  This lowest note is quite low and vibrates at 41 vibrations per second, or CPS for cycles per second, also called Hz named after Heinrich Hertz an important German physicist who first conclusively proved the existence of the electromagnetic waves. 

For some context, some humans in their prime can roughly hear from 20 Hz to 20,000 HZ with the bass generally producing the lowest notes humans can hear. And yes pipe organs can go lower but not too many people have one in their house and pianos can also go down to 27.5 HZ a little lower but for the most part the lowest notes anyone ever hears are coming from some sort of a bass.

For a $100 instrument to be able to produce these tones extremely satisfactorily is astounding to me. I did have to put a $50 set of strings on it to get there but still, it is amazing to me.