Me Sized Company

Day 125 Week 18 Q2 Saturday, May 6, 2023

When a person has been an independent contributor and a manager, they sometimes conclude that they can start a company. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but there are important lessons learned about leading and about following, neither of which may be appealing for various reasons.

Another option has existed for a long time—a sole proprietor who works for themselves. Doctors, dentists, lawyers, farmers and shopkeepers have done this for hundreds of years. In fact, at one point in time, most people all worked for themselves and did not have much help in the form of staff except sometimes from their families.

The democratization of technology combined with the flattening of the world has made it possible for many people to start new enterprises and work for themselves. The barriers to entry have come way down since the Industrial Revolution. Now it is a real possibility for people to once again have Me Sized Companies where they are in charge of no one but themselves but can still be leveraged through contracted labor, manufacturing, sales and marketing. There may be no payroll, but there can still be suppliers of parts and skills to pay. If you can create computer programs, It is now possible to do your own promotion and markings, taxes, product development and literally everything else. 

This has been called a Me-Sized-Company, and it can focus the mind wonderfully, making it an especially good fit for creative outliers. When you have to do everything yourself, you are much more careful about feature creep and about entering new markets. In other words, you have to “stick to the knitting” by focusing on your highest-value work. Yes, you grow more slowly, but you do not have to raise capital, court and then supervise a lot of personnel, write reviews or meet payroll, all activities which directly subtract from the actual doing or making of a product or the actual delivery of value. 

It may not be for everyone, but if you are not too crazy about taking orders or leading others, it can be a viable option. There are many types of business where this is not possible, but there are also many types where it is not only possible but preferable. You might want to investigate the possibilities and ramifications of a Me Sized Company. 

I suppose this can be considered to be a part of the gig economy. Still, to my mind, it is something different as most of the gig economy is about offering services, and this is more about offering products. There is a huge difference in terms of scheduling dependency.

A Me Sized Company may provide you the freedom and responsibility of being an entrepreneur without meeting payroll. Not a bad place to be!