MeaningPlace and Happiness

DD Day 040 Week 06 Q1 Saturday, February 10, 2024

Can you be truly happy if you have no meaning? Can you feel gratitude if you’re not happy? Can happiness cause gratitude? Can gratitude increase happiness? Where do all of these come together?

There has to be a place in your life where you feel a sense of meaning, a meaningplace. Is this an intrinsic or extrinsic place? How does it come about? Is it involuntary?

People have been wrestling with these issues for thousands of years. At least some people have been for others, it has been an automatic follow the leader game. The assumption for much of the human race is the purpose of life is to propagate. Kids seems to come about that really trying most of the time and the assumption has been from a Darwinian perspective that the purpose of all life has to continue itself into the future.

But sometimes people do not find the action of being a parent to be what they want to do, so they cannot play follow the leader. Or follow your neighbor, or follow your parents or follow your boss, because doing what others do does not necessarily give your life meaning. But you do not want to have a life without meaning, so what do you do about that?

You ask questions, of yourself, of those around you, and if you were a reader, of those, you have not necessarily met, but have written about the subject. I have come to the conclusion that there is no inherent meaning in life whatsoever for me. Therefore, I had better do something about that and create some meaning for myself. Fortunately, this was not so difficult because I was interested in almost everything around me. Whatever subject I was studying, or whatever book I was reading, or even the contents of a serial box, all seemed to be fascinating.

I guess I discovered that learning gave me meaning, and that the desire to apply that learning to something give me even more meaning. I just discovered that certain kinds of learning, and the accumulation of certain kinds of proficiency gave me the most meaning. For me, the answer was Music. Because I wondered why Sound had such a profound effect on me and those around me, and of all the sounds, why music had the most profound effect of all.

Having an excuse to perform music, to write music, to learn about music, and to express musically a response to all that was happening around me, gave me the most meaning. And I have had 60 years to think about it. And it is true. Can matter as much as being a parent? Are composers not parents? We are parents of pieces of music.

For me, this is a MeaningPlace. a place I could go and operate and feel meaning, which gives me a great happiness, for which I feel great gratitude.