Media Richness 

MM Day 045 Week 07 Q1 Thursday, February 15, 2024

In today’s world, text alone is not quite enough to grab people’s attention. And if you are a musician or a politician, evidently two different kinds of entertainers, you also have to be telegenic. Just -playing music or governing excellently is not enough. You have to look good doing it. Since a lot of super-competent people are not necessarily good-looking, we instead flock to celebrity entertainers and politicians who look good playing the role but are not necessarily good at it.

But have no fear; there is an in-between way to tell a compelling story. Support a good story with good rich media such as pictures, illustrations, photographs, and video. In fact, if the media is rich enough, sometimes people get away with a nonsensical story. 

Seriously, suppose you do have a good and true story. In that case, you are likely to need to reinforce it with additional content to make it more emotionally relevant because intellectual relevance does not seem to be enough. 

But even if the story is valid and compelling, it will still benefit from the addition of supporting media, which is why multimedia columns seem to be the way things are going to increasingly go. This raises the question, “Where does the richness come from”? Is everyone capable of writing, also capable of drawing, composing, and performing music?  Or can they simply ask an AI to do it? Or steal it? Or hire someone else to do it?

There was a time when a person could write a book, develop a video game, or shoot their own movie. Still, the list of credits has gotten so long that even the lowly podcast has a crew of six to twelve individuals creating it, even though there is no business model to support the majority of podcasts, games, movies, books, or albums.

We have become addicted to more and more, even if the results are less and less, causing them to create fake fame where people are famous for being famous, not for being excellent at anything or knowing anything. This obsession with external celebrities is not psychologically healthy nor sustainable because much of the human race derived a great deal of mainly doing things themselves, not outsourcing everything. I very much doubt that meaning can be outsourced, although people are certainly trying to do so.

Even amateur media richness is better than media poorness in 2024.

Make some rich media to support your story, and do not let the supporting media be instead of the story. This means you had better have a compelling story if you want to be listened to.