Missed Morning Mist

Day 360 Week 52 Q4 Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Most people, most of the time, are not up or out barely enough, nor in a rural enough place to see the morning mist caressing a field. The wispy blanket, not quite a fog, not quite making it difficult to drive, caresses the empty fields until they awaken.

This is what it is like when you are operating in a field that is not yet quite known to the rest of the world because you invented it. It is quite early; you are quite alone, and no one else is seeing what you are seeing. Every time you arrive at the intersection between two known domains, because the action is truly at the edges, it feels like driving before anyone else is on the road; you get to see things no one else can see, and they are also as tentative and fragile as morning mist. it is a difficult, difficult experience to share, because there are no words for it. There is just an understanding that you are on the road, and you see clearly words going, but not clearly enough what the obstacles are, yet you drive forward anyway.

This is what discovery feels like. Beautiful, hard to share, not seen by most, and most of the time, alone. Some of the time, you have the good fortune to be traveling with someone else, who also becomes a witness to the morning mist. This is very helpful because later on when you are attempting to describe the new territory you are traversing and the new sites you are witnessing, there can be someone to remind you that you are not crazy. Believe me, most of the world will tell you you are crazy because you were trying to describe something that they have not only never experienced but cannot imagine either.

When you clearly see what others cannot even imagine, it usually takes years for others to be able to share what you see, and perhaps they will never understand what you understand. This is the place I am most comfortable. Out early, on an unraveled road, with the sun barely rising and the mist on the field, where you can just barely make out the outlines of what is ahead, but you are quite clear and certain where you are going.

Most of the time, by the time the rest of the world sees what you were seeing, you have moved on and lost interest in that particular site because it may be years or even decades later., and you were not standing still but have driven another million miles over morning misted feels.