Monetizing MeaningPlace

Day 272 Week 39 Q3 Saturday, September 30, 2023

Is there something you enjoy doing enough to get into flow? Does this also give your life meaning? Then, it is time to invent a way to get paid for this. If this activity has value for you, then there is a reasonable chance some form of it also has value to others. You may be different but not so different from everyone else that what turns you on does not matter to anyone else. You may have to improve the level you do it at to increase its value beyond the compensation threshold.

For example, I love to improvise, but it took a long time to get good enough at it to get paid for it. The same is true for everything else, from problem-solving to swimming. If you are a natural problem solver, you might become an engineer. If you love swimming in the water, you could become a lifeguard and swimming instructor. 

The point is that the things we value in general are also valuable to others. Perhaps not the same amount of value? Or much more value? Many people love their jobs so much that their days pass by very easily and quickly. They have monetized their MeaningPlace.

Some may have begun doing it for the money and then found ways to love it. Others knew what they wanted to do and found ways to get paid for it. I loved music and math and became an electroacoustical engineer designing sound systems.

We may be very different from those around us, but when I got to Bose Corporation, I found another sixty engineers who also loved music and math. If you love words and are a poet, there are many others like you. You may have to go somewhere else to find them, but in today’s geography-transcending world, you can click your way to finding them instead of driving or flying.

If you can monetize your MeaningPlace, you can earn a living being who you want to be. Then, every day, you get better at being you, and simultaneously, you also become worth more to others.

Not everyone can do this, but if you are a creative outlier, you have a greater chance because you can create what is not yet there. New jobs, new research fields, new products, new business models. These all come from people who know what they want to do and likely find a way, to some degree, to monetize it.

You may enjoy creating relationships; you should consider going into sales. As a creative person, you might feel I want to make things, not sell them. Has it ever occurred to you that creating relationships is a creative process? And the people who are good at it also may be good at management, which is, after all, another kind of compensated relationship.  

If you can find what gives you meaning and a context for this, a MeaningPlace, and then see if you can monetize this, for if you do, you will never have to work again, or it may be work but not feel like work.