Morning Calibration

Day 311 Week 44 Q4 Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Is there something that you’re able to do in the morning? That is the absolute best way to start the day. Have you tried a lot of different things? Do you know what the very best way to start? The day is for you and you do it or do you do something else? Do you do it some of the time but not reliably?

In order to do anything reliably in the morning, one has to get up before the interruptions begin. Now, of course, this is more complicated when you live with others and even more complicated when you sleep in the same bed as somebody else. For most of my adult life, I have had a partner that I awoke next to, and most of the time, I tended to get up before they did and also go to sleep later than they did. If it were the reverse, all bets are off in terms of having a morning calibration routine, or at least it would be more difficult.

Assuming you can get up and extricate yourself before you have to run into work, you can then have a morning routine, which includes getting calibrated for the day. In my case, I have tried many things over many years, and the single best way, once I am out of bed and in a different room, to go from being unconscious or semi-conscious to very conscious is to play a musical instrument. For me, it works better than meditation and better than journaling and certainly better than reading, listening to, or watching the news. Another thing I have tried is to immediately go to the gym and work out.

Nothing works as well as music for me. And here is the peculiar thing. The best way to start. The day is not necessarily playing the instrument I played best or pieces of music that I know well. It works best when I play an instrument that forces me to stretch and explore and reach out into the sound waves instead of doing the repetitious patterns of something down or perfected.  My goal is not to go onto autopilot and see perfection. It is to sync up to the present moment and become blessed out and centered.

This gives my mind a way to slow down and stop trying to solve all the problems of the day and end of my life, but to just totally excite some sound waves into my brain, and no, they do not have to be loud, and they cannot be loud because I don’t want to wake up my wife.

The crazy thing is, although I know this is the very best way for me to begin. It is only recently that I have forced myself to do this instead of trying other experiments. I don’t know why, but this simply works well. 

Do you have a thing you can do every morning to get you where you want to get calmer and ready for anything?

Then, do it religiously.