Multidimensional Renovation

Day 356 Week 52 Q4  Thursday, December 212, 2022

So, yesterday I found myself sitting at the long table, in front of the well-stoked fireplace in Rubi’s, my favorite cafe in town, which has the very best grilled cheese in town, and why not for the cafe is owned by the cheesemonger in town.  And yes, there is snow on the ground because it is December, a few days before Christmas in the Berkshires.

I thought it best today to begin grounded instead of in the middle of the potentially enveloping multiple dimensions. And this small cafe, in the small but special New England town of Great Barrington, MA, was a perfect place for the foursome accumulated at one end of the long table, who, slightly surprisingly, were four teachers.  A meditation teacher, a yoga teacher, a tai chi teacher and an innovation management teacher.  

And not surprisingly, all of us had prior lives. One was a writer, one was a conductor, one was an international antiquities textile arts dealer, one was an engineer, and all were entrepreneurs, and all of them were men.

And they all arrived in this small Massachusetts town of 10,000, not even a city, from the many different cities and places they had lived in the prior decades even though they were all originally from New York, a thousand times larger, and arguably the cultural capital of the United States.

That is perhaps a long-winded introduction to the topic of multidimensional renovation, but I had to paint the scene as it was, seemingly, so improbable. But then again, nestled in hills roughly equidistant from Boston and New York City, two and half hours for each if you were an aggressive driver,  three if you were not, and six if it was Thanksgiving.

One would not ordinarily expect to find worldly sophistication seated on benches, eating grilled cheese in front of a burning bright fire, which was welcome as the temperature outside was below freezing, but in this town, it is not rare at all. Nor was it accidental. 

Back to the topic of renovation, which, if it is to be total, has to be multidimensional, or after all, we do live in a dimensionally vast multidimensional universe, and if we are comprised of the same stuff of the universe, we live in, then we too have a pretty chance of being multidimensional ourselves. And yes, these dimensions are all connected, which means if we are going to overhaul ourselves in a major renovation job, that simply cleaning out your closets will not get the job done.  It tends to ripple outward to the drawers and shelves and eventually to one’s mind, which, after all, is always the thing that needs the most renovating. 

After all, the physical stuff is just a set of manifestations of the mental stuff. When sitting at the table full of seekers described above, we had better expand mental to psychospiritual.

The question of what do we keep and what do we let go of applies equally to the closet’s contents and the identity ideas.  This is what makes things so multidimensional, for how do we know what to keep unless we know who we are, or at least who we think we are, or at the very minimum, who we think we are in the present moment?

The question is easy to ask but not so simple to answer because there are so many different answers depending upon which vantage point we are viewing who we are and what we are doing from. But one thing is clear, our past, present and future are all strongly enough connected not to permit very much discontinuity. Therefore every item or thought is kept or discarded in relation to each other.

Perhaps this is why it is so difficult to undergo voluntary self-renovation.  It might be easier to occur after a heart attack, a flood, or other gigantic external events, demanding an immediate response. More straightforward, perhaps, but I am thinking that the voluntary self-guided approach might be less disruptive.

Wait, I think I heard some of you say that disruption is the goal, isn’t it? This is where the multiple dimensions part comes back in. We can not transport ourselves to a different universe without reigning ourselves with us. Some dimensions are more perturbable than others. And others like a great grilled cheese sandwich in front of a cozy fire, with snow on the ground, with fellow traveler seekers ….. well, I don’t want to perturb that one.