Music Hormones

Day 194 Week 28 Q3 Friday, July 14, 2023

Music Hormones

How can a single simple thing in one’s life change everything in a moment but in a moment that has evidently been on the way for your entire life? And no, I do not mean death, taxes or any other inevitable bummer. Nor do I mean any of the other normally expected declines, physical, cognitive or otherwise. No, I am referring to an incline, not a decline, which evidently could have occurred as a teenager. I am referring to somehow mysteriously becoming able to sing and not just feebly, as that has been going on incrementally for quite a while. I mean with full-throated power, and frankly, this is stunning me, for I had never realized this strongly or clearly just how big a deal this is. 

It is like loving playing basketball since you were a short child and then turning out to be tall. It is like thinking you were incapable of empathy and all of a sudden having it. It is like thinking you could never do whatever and then doing it. I always felt that we humans had more potential than we realized and that we were ordinarily underachievers for whatever psychological reasons. Do you imagine for a minute that we could not feed the world, end climate change, and all have enough energy to do what we want? No, it is human greed based on security based on the fear that causes us to not spread wealth, energy and food. Frightened people are not as likely to help others but instead, constantly ask what’s in it for me. Scratch every billionaire, and I bet you will find insecurity, however well masked by ego they appear to be. Why would anyone need more resources than they could ever hope to use in their lifetime?

I can understand pursuing security. Well, I can sort of understand it.  But I can not understand why a seventy-year-old with a few million dollars who is not likely to hit 100 needs to accumulate more additional wealth than they will ever live to spend. Well, the same fear, insecurity and greed that drive nearly everyone to act the way they do can also work to inhibit as well as to propel. I assume I have been afraid to sing, so I could not. I must have been afraid of hitting a wrong note and being criticized for it or something equally nuts. Talk about being paralyzed by perfectionism.

When you have been told for your entire life that you are musically gifted but still can not sing a note, that must be a clue to deeper things. And at this point as a seventy-year-old, I do not feel like I have enough time to waste on focussing on why anymore but to simply embrace that something has changed internally, which now is either making me sing or has stopped preventing me from signing. I do not know, but maybe the unconscious processing of dreams has dissolved some internal obstacles.

Ya got me! It does seem miraculous and for once, I am not going to let my brain get in the way of my heart and just go with it.  Come to think of it, I guess this has happened before, but there were usually hormones involved. I wonder if there are music hormones? 

… So I asked Google, and it said:

Salivary cortisol, alpha-amylase, and testosterone increase in association with a music recital. Cortisol and alpha-amylase increase in anticipation of the performance phase. Cortisol and testosterone increase during the performance phase.

Wow, that is something! And there is a great deal more written about the topic. All I know is I am transformed and continue to transform.