Mutual Support 

Day 122 Week 18 Q2 Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Flywheel gatherings can provide badly needed mutual support to creative people who may not otherwise have many or even any others in their lives able to commiserate with on their shared manifesting paths meaningfully.  The lives of authors, inventors, composers and startup entrepreneurs can be lonely. Unable to join the throngs of others who share common appetites and escapes, creative outliers do not tend to be joiners. They tend to be loners because the gestation process required in order to create requires. 

Spouses and other partners do provide a great deal of emotional and other kinds of support. Still, unless they, too, are creative outliers, they may be unable to comprehend just what a creative outlier is going through. This is where the mutuality of kindred spirits can be extremely helpful. They can provide the often badly needed emotional support and kindred spirit problem-solving support, having gone through the same intense throws of creation themselves. 

Last night in upper Manhattan, I participated in just such a display of mutual support.  At any given gathering, a creative outlier can be a supporter, be supported or usually both. We are all beneficiaries who contribute meaningfully to our individual and collective psychological health.  This particular group of creative outliers are all composers of music. Over a dozen different styles of music were present, some represented by live performances, some by original videos with original purpose-made soundtracks, and others by various kinds of sound file recordings in multiple formats.

Different ages, styles, genders, file formats and durations were all present and all mutually supported. It was the opposite of the polarization that often surrounds us. Everyone supported each other irrespective of preferences. Feedback was given and received. Greater were seen, celebrated, acknowledged and supported. An amazing array of the musical creativity of humanity was present. Would this have been possible in person, in a small town? It is doubtful. New York City and its surroundings have a vast population. This group on this night had more people from Italy than from America. And more people from outside New York City than from New York City. Not everyone could speak the same language, which did not matter.  

The looks ranging from pride to experienced competence to being terrified were all there, and that did not matter either except for its inclusiveness and mutual support. This is the best of what humanity is capable of. Not searching to blame the other. Not being polarized but being civilized, which is a privilege not enjoyed by most members of most societies. 

Mutual support is where it is at and the foundation of civilization. Not competition, not backbiting and not blaming but taking responsibility for one’s work while being seen and seeing each other.

If you are a creative outlier, in some ways, you are a deviant from the norm, and as such, you would be a hypocrite if you did not accept others.

Mutual Support is even more impotent to creative outliers than those who are not.