Never be Done

Day 28 Week 4 Q1  Saturday, January 28, 2023

Our lives may be finite, and our souls may be in question depending upon your belief system, but we have no way of knowing which, if any of our works, projects and relationships continue to matter or even to have an impact. We also do not know if this matters or not. What we do know is we do have to do something with all of these ideas and insights, as they are like invitations to explore, to act, to learn and to emit in some form into the world.  

Of course, we can turn down invitations and stay home. And we can not accept all of them as there will never be enough time, as I suspect boredom is not an affliction suffered by creative outliers if they respond to the calling of curiosity. As near as I can make out, the universe impinges upon us, and some of us feel compelled to re-emit something back, and that is what my definition of an artist is.

As long as the universe continues to impinge upon us, many of us will feel compelled to do something in response. And we no longer can; then we are done. So Never be Done because that will mean our volition has left us and our time is nearing an end. And hey, that is perfectly fine; no one lives forever. In fact, no one even really wants to live forever. Some people may be afraid of death, but others are afraid of life. Me, I am afraid of eventually losing volition, as I have seen it in others, and it is not pretty.

It seems very far off, but I do not have time to look at it since every day, I look at the increasing collection of uncompleted projects and realize I will never be done.  This infinite banquet of possibilities is as exciting as ever and far more enticing than some of the sit-down banquets one gets invited to and has the reasonability to attend for one reason or another.  

If you are curious and creative, life is every single day, an all-you-can-eat buffet. One you can never finish. You can never be done, but you do have to stop eating, or eventually, you get sick, and before you get sick, you get fat.  Long before you get fat or sick, you should get full and stop but never be done.

This is why you must be a little bit hungry all the time. And this is why you will never be done. 

Currently, we all have more to read, watch, and listen to than we can ever hope to complete, and in response, we have more to emit, create, discover, deliver and deploy than will ever be possible.  This is an incredible time to be alive for some, but not all of us, on this planet.

Be grateful that we will never be done.