New Buckets

Day 165 Week 24 Q2 Thursday, June 15, 2023

Today’s topic is new buckets. There is not much point in making wine without a wine bottle or making a meal without a plate to put it in or booking yourself for a performance if you have nothing to play. We all have buckets, literally containers, to put things of value. Does the presence of buckets increase the likelihood of creating value? Do we commit to semesters of learning and then determine what courses to take? Does a musician book a performance and then determine what music to perform?

Sometimes, creating new buckets can be the key to creating new content to put into. As we take on and shed new and old roles, perhaps we are creating and disposing of buckets. I have created businesses and then determined what to do with them. I have had desires to perform musically, as a social exercise, and then use this as an excuse to write music and learn how to play it. I have felt the need to go out and give a speech and then determine the topic after this.

 I was told to create a new product, and then I had to figure out what that product would be. Many times in my life, I was presented with a new bucket or created one myself.

This is one of those times where I determined the new buckets could be a force of convergence within an otherwise overly creative life that needed focus.  At this point in time, it seemed reasonable to determine buckets that could be closely associated with specific roles. This prompted the question, what are your currently desired roles?

In my case, whether I admit it or not, I have always been a founder. I started my first business when I was 13, and I’ve never stopped. The second row home I fell into was that of a performing musician at the age of 15. I had never given any thought to performing when taking four guitar lessons at the age of six and a dozen piano lessons at the age of 10. But at the age of 15, when a bass player became available for a friend’s Sweet 16 Party, I was pressed into service as a bass player, having never touched a bass before. This is how I found myself at the age of 15 with two new roles, in addition to being a son, a student, and a big brother. Those two roles were as an entrepreneur and performing musician, and now 55 years later, I am still doing both.

So what are the two new buckets? Somewhere along the line of being an entrepreneur and inventor, I gave many talks to many audiences.  Initially, none of this was intentional either, but it did turn out to be a role that I liked playing, and this, too, has been continuing for most of my life. At some point, this public speaking became Keynote speaking, which also became very much like musical performing. It was and still is, very social and extremely gratifying, for it feels like I have something to offer audiences besides Notes being played.

So I guess the three buckets of founder, musician, and speaker all naturally evolved. The newest bucket has also come about mostly unintentionally. This bucket is the bucket of a writer.  Now, all of us in business end up having to write.  We may have to write copy, marketing, or scripts for presentations, but these are different than writing something you expect people to read. Around the age of 50, it became clear that I would have many more ideas than I could ever manifest. Eventually, I determined that at some point, I would have to begin writing about them if I wanted them to get out in the world.

This meant I would have to become a writer, and have been toying with the idea for 20 years. But now the time has come 

for this new fourth bucket to integrate with the other three. My four buckets are now founder, musician, KeyNoter, and writer, and they all are integrated or will soon be.  

And the means by which they can become more fully manifested, and integrated, is to consciously declare, create, and fill these four buckets simultaneously.

New Buckets:  Founder, Musician, Keynoter, Writer