New Day New Life

Day 195 Week 28 Q3 Saturday, July 15, 2023

Creative Outliers are very much used to reinventing themselves so every day can feel like a new life; only some days can feel more so, and today is one of those days. The confluence and convergence of multiple life-shaping activities have truly come together in an, although anticipated, surprisingly powerful way. The world looks different depending on where you are standing. And yes, we can usually change where we are standing. Yet, some of the time, we can turn a corner and discover a completely new wider higher vista and just imagine how much even grander it will look during fall foliage in New England, where I live.

And yes, I have done some metaphor switching, but as I said, it is a new view for a new season, and even though the world right now seems to be hellbent upon destroying the fantastic gains humanity has made in the last couple of thousand years, I am so happy that I do not care. Seriously all of our systems are performing exactly how we have designed them. We have maximized greed and centralization of power, and now the greedy and power-hungry are in charge. This began when the Supreme Court opened the entire United States for sale to unbridled lobbyists. They open the door, and greed charges through it. Is this a surprise?         

As long as people are afraid of change, they will try to consolidate their holdings. As long as people think there is not enough to go around, they will cling to what they have and try to get yours as well. This fear-driven insecurity masked as unbridled ego-driven acquisitiveness is an ugly face of our decision-makers and leaders worldwide. Still, at the moment, I do not care because I live in a cultural Mecca called the Berkshires, where the cultural intelligentsia of Boston and New York City intersect with even a dose of Yales New Haven and Albany’s relatively new-to-the-scene tech center chip manufacturing abundance mentality.

I live at the intersection of art and abundance, and sure, everyone is complaining about how much everything from breakfast to orchestra tickets cost, not to mention democratic principles under siege everywhere. But for me, having recently entered my eighth decade with increasing mental cognition and physical capacities, I can ignore it all and revel in how exciting it is to be alive.

I love who I am married to and live in a great place on a river with no mortgage twenty minutes from Tanglewood, which as the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, one of the best in the world, is the cultural epicenter of the region. But it is not the eternal energy of the region that is driving me to happiness; it is the internal opportunity to be as creative as I want with a huge pile of ultra-creative friends who live all over, not even primarily here. And the literally infinite pile of musical instruments permitting infinite types of expression, all of which are optional because I can now sing and use either none or all of them.

This is a time to Harvest Infinity, and I am in or sometimes on, a huge wave surfing for all I am worth with the sun out and the lush greenery of this part of the country at this time of year. I think the Greek sonic philosophers had it right when they said Amor Fati, loosely translated as love life or love fate. To which I say a big YES!