New Frames of Mind

Day 2 Week 1 Q1  Monday, January 2, 2023

I am not too into New Year’s Resolutions, as they rarely seem to work. I am, however, into using changes of years, months, weeks, days, holidays or anything new as an excuse for New Frames of Mind.  Today, somehow, I awoke feeling like there were many projects and activities I had been preparing for, and somehow now found myself prepared.  Hey, I guess I had been preparing and did not notice it was time to stop preparing and start doing them. Perhaps it was caused by uncharacteristically staying up until 2:30 AM on New Year’s Eve, which totally knocked off the usual early morning practice set of activities from occurring yesterday in the customary time. As I was determined not to begin a new year by ignoring the practice I had finally habited during the prior year, I felt the need to complete this practice before going to bed and made it by 11:57 PM last night. 

This rippled through to not being up at 5 AM, thereby permitting being done preparing for the day by 7 or 8. Since I did not get up until 7, I declared myself all ready for the day and just started knocking the things out that I would normally do but with evidently a New Frame of Mind. This was a little surprising as I have been doing the usual journaling, guitar and piano playing meditations, emails, texts and more every day to prepare for the day.

It somehow became reasonable to hold these musical activities to a higher standard and not only noodle around but to capture, record and review. I had been meaning to get ready for a new season of recording to compose and score, to perfect to perform, and then to record and release a new album, whatever that may mean, in 2023, for several months.

Somehow in an unpremeditated and therefore not planned for, set of actions, I awoke and found myself with this new frame of mind that just rolled into doing the things I was supposedly preparing to do later in the day or month or year. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I just noticed that the old adage about keep showing up and something will happen actually worked and caught me by surprise. Somehow, my frame of mind had changed from coping and preparing to actively performing the things I was preparing for.

The moral of the story is “you know what to do and are doing it” as my friend the philosopher Bay Manning says, and if you keep showing up, then some of the time you will be in the right place and at the right time to be who you always wanted to be.

This presupposes there actually is a right and safe place to repeatedly show up and it can take some effort to discover or construct such a place, for this is primarily a frame of mind. Dare I say it, a New Frame of Mind.