Not My Job

Day 120 Week 18 Q2 Monday, May 1, 2023

You can decide that doing your best work is your job, not pandering to what you think will make you rich and famous. It depends on whether you feel it is more important to be rich and famous or to be the best version of yourself. The problem in trying to serve an external dream if you want to be an innovator is you really do not know what the world thinks it wants. And by the way, the world also does not know what it wants either. You can say we are crowdsourcing and giving people what they want, which may be true.

Creative Outliers come in many flavors. After all, we are all responding to some stimuli to do what we do. Some of that stimuli are external. And some are internal. How can you tell which is more important? It depends upon if your priority is to be a business person or an artist.  Certainly, there are artists, writers and musicians who attempt to follow a formulaic approach to reduce the risk of achieving success. I doubt they succeed very often; even if they do, that does not mean it is my job.

Sometimes a creator can get to a place where they simply have to do what they want to do for their own internal reasons. They and their reasons make not be sensible or realistic. But if and when a creative outlier gets to the state where they say I no longer care what the outside world says, then their job becomes simpler. This is not for everyone. This is not advice to dispense without concern for the outcome. It is the observation that most successful artists get to a point where they do it for themselves and hold themselves to their own standards, not the common wisdom. For wisdom is neither common nor agreed upon. 

Things can become easier if and when you reach a point in your creative journey where the inner voice sounds much clearer than the outside non-convergent voices.  At that point, you can tell yourself that responding to all of those voices is Not Your Job. Then you can own your work and take full responsibility for whether it is wrong, right, good, or bad. Is this the best financial decision? You really can not tell because there are simply too many external factors to juggle effectively, and did you want to be a juggler?

This message is for those who strongly desire to complete something the way they want to and are not serving a client or a boss—those who are not under contract. There comes a time when you can say. 

It is not my job!