Not Too Far and Not Too Close

Day 255 Week 38 Q3  Monday September 12, 2022

Not Too Far and Not Too Close

We are talking about adjusting your future vision. You can see pretty fr away or at least you can convince yourself that you can see pretty far away even though this may be a creative act instead of a truly seeing act. It may be imagination not insight that renders such a compelling and concrete vision. Remember this is only one possible outcome form an infinite or at lest very large number of outcomes. And that the world looks different from each new perspective and that tomorrow will have a different perspective than today due tot eh territory traverse assuming there was some. And there always is.

The potential myopia of looking too close is also problematic because of the old trees versus forest issue. If you are too close you lose perspective and if you are too far you lose the detail needed to be actionable in a meaningful manner. This is precisely why the notion of an Actionable Vantage Point came into being on the way to visiting Bill Veltrop driving up that long road to his prior house. 

There is not only right action, there is right perspective as well. And it is not too close and not too far to keep the recitation balanced and equal opportunity. Having a portal seems to me to be a way to see more than one perspective at the same time and not only a personal seeing but putting oneself potential into a feedback loo with reality which ultimately does have to happen for monetization.

And here is where the rubber meets the road for most creative outliers. It is rarely the lack of imagination that gets them into trouble, it is roe likely to be the lack of reality and the evidence that has to be empirically gained can only be in a feedback loop with an external world. The answers to your questions regarding your hypothesis can not be entirely found internally, but require a dose of external perspective.

I suppose patronage sometimes supplies this feedback signal, as does having clients or customers or others less emotionally enamored with your story. And here is the rub, the story is the only thing that can be perceived and you are the storyteller so the power of an excellent narrative does create its own reality. Hence reality tv leading to being the President of the United states. Arguably, the most powerful man in the world. 

And was this always the case? Was it not always the most compelling story that winds the day? Well, perhaps but there is still the notion of an external reality or a consensus reality and then there are still the natural laws who do not care about consensus for they are true independently of the storyteller. 

After all most talk is self talk and most self talk is not realistic or reality based independently of evidence which is why the ability to tell a compelling tory backed up by compelling evidence seems to be a worthwhile pursuit and I suppose if one is rich enough they can manufacture competing evidence and this is where much of the world finds itself. 

For the experiment of raising the lowest common denominator and essentially crowd sourcing reality is freight with the danger that the lowest common denominator is surely not putting our best foot forward. And I am trying to not be political but if the standards that rule the realm are declared by the lower common denominator than we will sure end up living in a shitty universe. 

And if democracy is rule by the majority then this is the failing, the majority is not the best expression of humanity and never was and never will be for we will all be dead long before the rise to reasonableness occurs. And this is why people give away their power to authoritarian figures because at some level they know they are not qualified to figure out what to do so they settle for external compelling stories no matter how improbable they are as long as they are self serving and who among us is immune from that reality distortion field/

This is the reason for not too close and not too far. It is about perspective management. One has to be aware that their perspective is variable and there needs to be managed. Reality can be found in empiricism but the data is not inside of you. You can not validate a hypothesis without getting into a feedback loop with an external reality. And which one? 

One that is not too close and not too far.