Now Get Started

Day 239 Week 35 Q3 Monday, August 28, 2023

Wherever you are, in your process, with respect to where you think you need to be, there comes a time when you have to launch. When the curtain is about to rise, you have to perform. When you are the person with your hands on the ropes to pull open the curtain, it can get complicated, even though it is simple.

The ideas are complicated, but the actions are simple and straightforward. You cannot complete a finished work until you complete a draft work. Do either of these have definitions? You can find them yourself. Right here and right now.

In my case, I have determined that my single highest priority is to have a published body of work. And until I do, I cannot embark upon the next phase in my life.  I am very anxious to embark upon this next phase in my life because if not now, then when. Therefore, I am out of time and have some good reasons to do so.

You cannot be compensated until you have something to ship. It is that simple. You are not paid for being a work in progress, even if you always are. You get paid for delivering something to someone.  And in this case, the something and the someone are the same person, which is me.

How is that for an exciting and unique perspective? I need to deliver myself to myself.  And perhaps this is what we all need to do all of the time. At least, it is what we have to do as adults. Children are not expected to deliver themselves.  Or, perhaps that is not entirely true because it depends on the parents a person has been raised by.

Well, guess what? It is time to be your own parent. And yes, it is challenging to be a parent and a child at the same time, just as it is challenging to be a manager and a doer at the same time. But that is what is required of all of us.  And we all to succeed to some extent. And we also fail to some extent. And this is life, and it is lived between these two states. Sometimes, we succeed, and sometimes, we may feel like we are failing, but we are not failing; we are simply getting directions about the next set of things we must do.

So, although putting yourself out there may feel uncomfortable, there is no choice. The time has come, and if you do not do this, then who will dance the dance?

So you must get yourself up and get started and open your eyes and just say VV. You have to remember that you are valid and valuable. And that you have a place to start, which is to remember, update, and execute now, or as I say RUEN.