Now What: The importance of Framework

Day 263 Week 39 Q3  Tuesday, September 20, 2022

On this 263rd day of my 69th year, I have finally come up with a framework to contain the rest of my professional life.  What are you kidding me, you say.  No, I am not. And I am not recommending this for anyone else but me, after all, it is my life. Then why should anyone else be interested? Probably they shouldn’t but I need to write this for myself anyway so here goes. And by the way, if not all of my spheres are publishable to the public, at the moment, I am my only public anyway, so I am publishing for me and that is part of the framework, which of course, has more than one part but does appear to have a closed form solution as silly as I two this to be considering how nonlinear life and reality are but still, it is worth me creating guard rails and let’s say this is the topic? Because Ia sure I am not the only one who wonders in preparing to enter their eighth decade, Now What?

And you know, this is a very good question we should all ask ourselves. Now What? By the way, Apple acquired Beats for over $2B because purportedly they could answer the question of when listening to music when one song ends, Now What do I play? Yes, Now What. And Netflix manifested its market-share, in my opinion by also answering this question Now What? Specifically, Now What does the person who is watching Netflix want to see next? In fact, even the news supposedly arbiters of true balanced information is subject to viewer ratings. Yes, that’s right, you mean you did not know that what they show on the news is a function of Now What do we think our listeners or viewers want to hear or see next?

So our entire universe has become a Now What place. Politicians ask Now What will keep me in power, Now What will get me elected, Now What do they need to hear to vote for me, Now What do I want to do that I can get away with? or on a more positive note collaborate my way to. 

I am not trying to be cynical here, well maybe a little? But have you realized just how important it is to answer this question for yourself? Sure your answer also may reflect what your family or your boss needs. What if, as you are entering your eighth decade, you have no boss, nor any dependents living at home? In fact, you might even be alone. Essentially you are now responsible to yourself just as all adults are. So asking the question Now What is not that crazy after all is it? You may not have been spending too much energy thinking about this for the last seventy years because it may have been obvious or at least appeared to be obvious but now things have changed, haven’t they?

In any case, I have answered the question for myself and it is probably not relevant to others but if you are still with me I suppose you might be wondering so I will tell you a super abbreviated version.  For what is likely to be my last professional career become a concertizing keynoter based on a 100-sphere body of work underpinned by 10 arrangements of each of 10 compositions.

Confused? Thought so. But I am not. And that is the point. Now What, is a personal question you have to answer for yourself Of course I could bore you all with more details and definitions and probably will elsewhere, but not here. That is not the point. The point is for you to each answer the question, Now What for yourself.

Answering will help you guide your own way forward on your own path. 

What’s that you say? You do not have or need a path? Okay fine with me. But I do, and so I have now answered the question, Now What? My answer is not going to be worth the over $2B scored by Beats, even though, to my ear, Pandora answered that same question in an infinitely better manner for $3.5B when acquired by Sirius which only has a $25 billion dollar market cap. This does not compare to Netflix’s 100 billion dollar market cap answering the same question for video not audio. After all, we are a nation of watchers, not listeners.  

When someone answers the question Now What, it can generate an awful lot of value in the world.